5 Biggest threats google faces

Google LLC, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is a key participant in the internet services market. The internal & external strategic aspects impacting the technology firm are examined in this SWOT analysis. These strategic issues concern how companies engage with the competition.

In the face of fast change and innovation in the internet services & consumer electronics sectors, this competitive terrain needs strengths to secure company survival and success. However, there are some threats that the company is facing. We have listed future threat of Google that have come into the picture. Check them out below. 

  • Chat GPT

This week, a new OpenAI chatbot grabbed the internet by storm, rushing out poetry, scripts, and essay responses that were posted as pictures all over social media. Though the technology involved has been there for a few decades, this was the very first-time OpenAI made its strong language-generation system, known as GPT3, available to the public, sparking competition among people to give it the best innovative orders.

Google crawls billions of online sites, indexes the material, and then ranks it in the order of most relevant responses. It then generates a list with links for you to click on. For hurried internet users, ChatGPT provides something more enticing: a single response based upon its own search & synthesis of that information. ChatGPT has been educated on thousands of websites to learn not only how to maintain a human-like conversation but also knowledge, as long as it was posted on the internet until late 2023.

  • Users Are Worried About Data Collection.

The firm’s strongest point is also its biggest weakness: the vast collection of user data. Customers are concerned about how much access Google has to their private details through the web browser and applications on their phones. Google has become an important source of data for many people, delivering near-instantaneous search terms, emailing services, as well as a variety of other services. Nevertheless, Google’s data-gathering skills have come under investigation as people worry about their privacy.

Google collects a massive amount of data via its wide variety of services, which may be used to monitor individuals’ online actions, including the search as well as the sites they visit. This has raised concerns that Google’s data-gathering practises are undermining people’s right to privacy.

  • Declining Advertising Revenue

The company’s profitability has suffered as a result of declining advertising revenue in recent years, notably in 2013. This is due in part to the current global economic slowdown and in part to aggressive marketing by rivals. Google’s falling advertising rates have been a subject of anxiety in recent months as the internet giant’s principal source of revenue has dwindled. Advertising accounts for around 86% of the overall income at Google, making it both a strength as well as a problem for the corporation. As a result, any adjustments to ad prices might have a significant impact on its overall performance.

Google has recently seen a continuous fall in ad prices, which might be attributable to market concentration across practically all digital media. With an inflow of rival corporations fighting for brand awareness, marketers are beginning bidding wars, which often result in lesser profits for Google than earlier contracts permitted.

  • Privacy Policies Against The Company

Numerous specialists have criticised Google for its over-reliance on privacy, especially when it comes to hiding information about algorithms. Since then, the corporation has taken remedial measures.

Google is among the world’s top technology businesses, and as such, understanding its privacy practises become more critical. While there are numerous benefits to Google’s vast multitude of programs, a few fundamental shortcomings in its privacy policy must be rectified.

  • Facebook groups, business pages, & pages.

Google’s main competitor maybe Facebook. Every month, over one billion people use social media networks. It includes marketplace & promotional messages, & targeted advertising.

Facebook also serves as a news source; before having to search for a solution on Google, some people seek advice from acquaintances and random people in Facebook groups.


The overwhelming majority of searches are still conducted via text. Another trend that has long aided Google is the movement of advertisements from conventional media towards the internet. This raises pricing and puts the money in Google’s coffers, allowing them more time to cope with the shifting ad market. However, these threats that Google will face in the future. If a giant like Google can face these problems, then surely can any other company. To ensure that your firm does not face such issues, then perform strategic measures to get the best out of it. 

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