6 Must-Have Essentials to Buy From a Ski Shop

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with an affinity for adventure sports? Well, as the holiday season steadily approaches you, you might want to go to a scenic mountain top. What about skiing with great panache on the glistening slopes, surrounded by a breath of fresh air and gorgeous scenery?

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Nothing can beat a snowy holiday, after all!

It has all the ingredients required to help you transform your regular days into something better – giving you a lifetime memory!

Before you can begin living this dream, ensure you have all the essentials. If you are a beginner, you would especially need to do your research.

Well, this article has done that part for you. Here are all the top-notch ski essentials you must purchase from a ski shop!

1.  Ski Helmet

Safety first, always! Whether you are new to this activity or have become a seasoned pro, you cannot miss out on a ski helmet. 7% of all skiing injuries are related to the head, as reported by Sports Medicine Australia. So, always wear a helmet to protect the most crucial organ of your body – your brain!

Make sure to buy the helmet that fits your head snuggly, without you having to dig it in. never buy a size bigger, either.

2.  Ski Goggles

When skiing, you need a protective lens to protect your vision from the glare of the sun and snow. These lenses are made specifically to deal with changing weather and flat lights.

Remember that there shouldn’t be any gap between your ski goggles and helmet to safeguard your forehead.

Also, when you go to the ski shop to buy the goggles, take your helmet to ensure that you can wear both together comfortably.

3. Thermal Base Layer

The temperatures on snow-ridden mountains can plummet without any warning. So, you must have a thick thermal base layer to keep your body dry and away from moisture.

Merino wool is highly recommended. The fabric is breathable, and it retains the insulation even if you get wet. What’s better is that it doesn’t become smelly over time due to consistent moisture.

The synthetic base layer is good too, but it can smell a little noxious in a couple of days.

4. Ski Jacket

Sure, picking a cool-looking jacket will make you stylish, but in cold weather like in the mountains, it’s necessary to get something that’s both water and wind-resistant. A jacket with good breathability and zip vents will be ideal for maintaining your body temperature.

Jackets with zip pockets will also keep your precious items safe from getting lost on the slopes.

5. Ski Socks

If you don’t want the case of cold feet, ski socks are a must!

Invest in good quality ski socks made of wool or synthetic material. Don’t wear two pairs of socks because it might lead to reduced blood circulation and discomfort. So, purchase socks with moisture-wicking properties that offer comfort and warmth to your feet!

6. Waterproof Mittens

Nothing is worse than holding ski poles with freezing hands. It’s not even remotely pleasant. Get a handwear that’s waterproof and has excellent insulation technology.

If you want extra warmth on your fingertips, you can also get separate thermal inners!

Every skier’s worst nightmare is that fine realisation of having missed an essential item back home while stranded halfway up on the mountain.

Hopefully, this quick checklist of all the essentials will come in handy for your next ski trip. Make sure all your adventures are safe and sound and bridled with appropriate gears, snacks in the backpack, warmth and courage!

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