A Beginner’s Guide to Animating Icons

Animating icons can bring your website to a whole new level! With the right tools and knowledge, It’s easy to start animating. 

Want to find out how? Read on! 

But first, let’s find out why you should animate icons and what amazing benefits they can bring to interacting with your website visitors.

Why you should animate your icons?

The First and Most Important Reason to animate your icons is because they draw attention. These kinds of animations will either draw the eyes of your users towards something that interests them and help them discover something new. 

That’s why they can have such a powerful impact on your users. When they need to make a decision, the first thing that they’ll see is an icon that has an impact on their decision-making process. In this scenario, your icon has the potential to cause the user to do one of two things: make a quick decision, or seek further information.

Having your icon react to your users’ actions will make your site more visually appealing, which in turn will increase user engagement, increase loyalty and eventually increase profits.

It also makes sense to invest in animated icons, because they don’t require much time or effort to create. You don’t have to be a software developer to create this kind of icon; you just need to know how to create them. 

How to get started with animating icons?

Once you’ve created an icon, you’ll be able to animate it in many ways. For example, you can use an animation plugin to create animated icons, use a pre-made icon that you find online, or even download one of our animation packs.

To get you started, let’s go over a simple way to create an animated icon. Here’s a beginner’s guide to creating your own animated icons:

First, you should decide on the specific direction of your icon. Your animated icons will be animated in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Since there are few existing websites that are created in a vertical orientation, we recommend that you create your icon in the vertical orientation.

However, it’s perfectly possible to create your icon in the horizontal orientation. For example, if you have a vertical-oriented logo, your icon will animate vertically, but you can create a horizontal-oriented version if you have a horizontal-oriented logo.

Once you’ve decided on the direction of your icon, you can get started creating it. You can use icon animation software to create your icon in only a few steps. 

What are the best tools to animate your icons?

There are many websites that sell software designed to animate icons. However, some of the most powerful software for animating icons is free and doesn’t require any programming knowledge.

You can also find some free image editing software that will allow you to easily create your animated icons without having to make any changes to the source image. You can use tools like SVGator, Lottie or Illustrator to create your icon animation.

It’s always best to go with software that’s known to be reliable and free. 

What types of icons can you animate?

Animating icons is extremely easy. You can animate any type of icon, as long as it’s a rectangle or shape with 2 or more sides. Although there are several options to choose from, you can also create other types of icons, such as circle icons, star icons, and more.


A well-designed website is an integral part of your marketing strategy, and your icons play a crucial role in making your site appealing and engaging to your users.

Your animated icons can help your website be more visually appealing, which can increase customer engagement and increase your revenue.

Having an attractive website and engaging website visitors will be of great benefit to your site’s success. A beautiful website attracts more attention from the search engines, which helps in increasing traffic to your site.

This is why having an icon animated makes so much sense; your users will be more engaged and thus will spend more time on your website. If your website is alive and attracting attention, it will be easier for your visitors to take the actions that are necessary for you to grow your revenue.

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