Different Types of Gambler Characters – Which One Are You?

Gambling has been a popular game for centuries, but in recent years its popularity has increased with the rise of the online world sector. Today it is not at all strange to hear a colleague say that they spend their weekend playing S128 on their cell phone.

15 or even 10 years ago you might have thought that someone who spent his spare time gambling online was a hardcore gamer or professional gambler, not your average casino addict.

While types like “hardcore player” or “professional gambler” are of little interest, there are different types of gambler characteristics. Ever wondered which category you fall into? Read on to find out.

The Emotional Gambler

Emotional gamblers are gamblers who only play online casino at certain times, such as when facing bad things at work, when they are under stress. are you like that? If so, then you are most likely an emotional gambler, which is a double-edged sword.

The good thing is that you manage your emotions by using something that makes you feel better. The bad news though, is that you let your heart rule your head which can end up losing more money in the long run.

‘Most’ gamblers

You must have promised yourself to limit yourself like when playing a game, you promised to only play one or two games. There are those who can stick to their stance, there are also those who play up to three times and even up to 4 times so that they exceed the limit promised by themselves.

If you are the former, you are most likely a ‘partial’ gambler, someone who uses gambling as a means to an end. If you are a ‘partial’ gambler, you will like to impose certain financial or time limits on your gambling and stick to them.

If you want to make gambling a long-term hobby, it is worth trying and becoming a partial gambler.

If you are the type of person who can go to the casino for a “one play”, you may also be a ‘partial’ gambler

Analytical Gambler

Some people think a hobby is something that is very popular that is done to relieve fatigue that day. There are some people who also think that a hobby is something that must be really mastered. If your hobby is gambling and think it is a must to master then you are an analytical gambler.

You’ve spent hours watching videos on betting strategy. You follow many professional gamblers on social media. You’ve even bought a book on your favorite casino game. Don’t be shy though, analytical gamblers are often rewarded for their obsession with bigger and more consistent casino wins.

Compulsive Gambler

Signs to look out for in a compulsive gambler are:

– Spending too much time or money on gambling alone.

– Repeated failures to reduce gambling losses or stop altogether.

– Pursue victory to restore previous losses.

– Continue to gamble even when it begins to impact personal relationships, work or home life

If you are one of these signs in yourself or notice someone you love behaving in this way, it may be time to seek professional help.

Lucky Gambler

Playing gambling should be very fun. The only exceptions to this are compulsive gamblers and profit gamblers. Unlike compulsive gamblers, profit gamblers see the game as an opportunity to make extra money outside of work.

They avoid games that have relatively low odds like playing slots. Instead, they are looking for a game that has a very high chance of winning by using the strategy they have prepared. They spend hours researching strategies to minimize their losses and increase their chances of winning.

Competitive Gambler

If you like challenging other people and are happy to be able to beat these people, then you can just be classified as a competitive gambler.
Online you can do this by playing card games in the form of poker because poker games are very high risk and can test your courage to compete or against other players, even with players from any foreign country.


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