How QB Blockbusters Landscape Changed Forever

The quarterback landscape changed drastically within a span of a few days. Everything we thought we knew about the cost of doing business in the high-end market reset, from Texans and Browns agreeing on Deshaun Watson trade and Seahawks and Broncos agreeing on Russell Wilson trade and more.

It got from zero to a hundred real quick. To see the shift of magnitude, you have to go to two CBAs ago, according to Vwin’s report . This was when Sam Bradford and Matthew Stafford joined the league at the top of consecutive drafts. These are 2009 and 2010 with $50 million and $42 million respectively. 

Bggest Winner

After the scandal that was caused by the reset, Lamar Jackson emerged to be the winner. Lamar, who just turned 25, was focused on his three years, signed in an $83 million deal in 2018 as a template. If the Ravens thought they influenced Watson, the business has just dawned on them now.

Josh Allen choosing not to renew him when he was closing his deals for 2021 can be considered a grave mistake. However, Lamar Jackson played his rookie deal without complaining. He won his first MVP at the age of 22. 

In 2023, he is a free pending unrestricted agent facing an inevitable franchise tag. Considering that Watson got this from a team he has never played for, the Ravens better prepare to part with $50 million a year or trade him. He is not afraid to bag two franchise tags, and if that happens, the Ravens might be in danger of losing him for the 2026 comp pick.

Maybe Jackson Is Not The Biggest Winner

Some people may consider Russell Wilson as the winner instead of Lamar Jackson. He may not have Jackson’s MVP trophy or his youth, but he has been in the top five in the top five major quarterback categories for the last half-decade.

Since the salaries are rising, the Broncos are looking forward to closing a deal before the end of the season. As he is on his way to the hall of fame, he wishes to play till his mid-forties.

Is Tom Brady = $60 million 

So, no, he isn’t going to insist on that. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking he’s not worth it. For the Bucs, Brady’s return altered everything. These owners should be forced to pay outstanding quarterbacks more than baseball compensation in terms of price, time (and fully guaranteed), and completion of another MVP season, with what he provides in terms of money, ticket sales, and jersey sales, even $60 million is likely low. At the very least, he should be on an equal footing with Rodgers, and Brady has always been willing to structure his contracts so that his capacity to surprise others is maximized.


Could the Seahawks be the greatest fit for Jordan Love if they don’t bring in a more experienced veteran? Schneider has strong links to the Packers organization, he needs a quarterback, and the kid is young, cheap, and only a few years away from being drafted in the first round. After trading Wilson, the Seahawks suddenly had enough draw stock, and signing Love on a rookie contract wouldn’t surprise them.

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