How to choose a jewel? It is an important practice

Is it your jewelry or make a gift? The second situation is often more embarrassing because it is difficult to choose a jewel for someone else. We give you some tips before you allow yourself to be tempted by a chain or belt purchased from an online jewelry store!

Choosing a jewelry store on the air

First, think about checking to see if there is a customer service or opportunity to repair or repair your jewelry. It would be a shame not to be able to call jewelry experts who will accompany you with their advice and can help you take care of your jewelry.

To choose an online jewelry store, we advise you to read the reviews of customers who have already bought on the site, you will certainly find people who are interested in providing a variety of services and jewelry. Among the best places, for example, the Trabbia Vuillermoz jewelry store, whether you are looking for earrings, Wholesale Jewelry, rings, necklaces and pendants, you will find all kinds of jewelry on this site.

Give jewelry to a loved one

The gift will be sure to delight if you choose the right piece of jewelry!

Consider morphology

It is very important to choose a jewel according to a person’s morphology. Try to see jewelry in conjunction with the shape of the face or ears:

  • Round or rectangular shapes wear hoops (rings) very well.
  • Drop rings usually lengthen the face. So it is recommended that you do not choose this type of jewelry if the face is already too long.
  • Thin women wear attractive jewelry, while strong men need to protect their jewelry.
  • Round faces go well with V-shaped cameras, while squares faces usually wear round necks.
  • With regard to rings, long and thin fingers can wear all kinds of rings. The little toes will be supplemented by thin rings.
  • To choose a bracelet, choose about 18 cm for women and 20 cm for men.

Set your budget

This will help you to make your choice between jewelry or jewel in jewelry. Some silly jewelry is not expensive at all. There is no need to crush a piggy bank to give a river of diamonds its charm. 

The person will only be rewarded with a modified cloth at a moderate price instead of a fancy jewelry that he or she will not be able to wear. In some jewelry stores, you will also have the opportunity to share the cost with the facilities offered by the company.

For what occasion?

We are not going to give a ring to an easy friend! It is important that you understand the messages and accessories that we offer! A jewelry item is something that conveys strong emotions and different messages. Rings, wedding bands or rings are simply reserved for a strong love or special relationship.

We can certainly give the ring to a young girl or teenager, but engagement rings and wedding rings are only kept for the couple who love each other and express themselves!

The ornament is an appropriate gift to mark an important event, such as a medal at the time of baptism or a bribe given to pass a test. With the shoulders, you have the opportunity to express a person’s passion. There are pendants in the form of a horse, tennis racket or even a motorcycle!

Personal characteristics

Try to look at the jewelry she wears and the clothes she wants so that she can choose jewelry that can be easily combined with different styles. Is the person intelligent or extraordinary? She runs the risk of being disrupted if you give her the original jewelry if she is an old person who values ​​simplicity. Consider, too, the hairstyle she prefers. The earrings could be concealed by the hair covering them.

You should also consider your daily activities. Some people may not be able to wear hanging jewelry because of an accident related to work or sport. In this case, choose stud earrings or jewelry that will be easy to remove if needed.

The string view

To choose a chain to wear alone or to associate with a pendant, here are some tips:

  • The choker is up to 35 cm.
  • Throat near the neck is between 40 and 42 cm.
  • For a long neck near the collar, we choose a chain of 45 cm for women and about 50 cm for men.
  • The jumps weigh more than 60 cm and are designed to sink to the bottom. They can have multiple rows of chains.

Selection of metal

Do not neglect the selection of precious metal. Some people don’t like the look of gold. Then prefer white gold, pink gold or silver jewelry. As for pendants or stones, it is also important to consider the preferences of the person who would prefer a pink or blue stone to a purple stone. Find out what colors a person needs or look at their home decor or clothing.

The stone can be placed with prongs. It then lets the lights pass and plays on the display. For some modern, closed-loop repairs around a metal stone.

If you are having trouble choosing, do not hesitate to apply to jewelry experts who can recommend you how to choose the right piece of jewelry! And also find out if it is possible to exchange jewel or refund if the person needs another jewelry module.

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