How to Get Started on QQ Online in China

If you are interested in connecting with Chinese people online, then you might be wondering how to get started on the popular QQ social network. First launched in February 1999 by Tencent Inc., QQ began on the loose as an instant messenger called “Network Paging.” Since then, it has expanded to become “Internet Storage Space” and “Internet Dating Services.” Today, it’s the most popular social network in China.

Tencent’s QQ

Tencent’s QQ online in China is the second most popular messaging application in the country. As of the third quarter of this year, it has around 731 million active users. The company has made a concerted effort to improve the experience of its users, and has a range of innovative applications to make it easier for them to find what they need.


If you are in China and looking to get in touch with your friends on QQ, WeChat is a great way to do so. This social media service enables you to find your friends and connect with them right from your phone. It automatically connects with your existing contacts and asks you to connect when you meet someone new. You can also add friends by using your own personalized WeChat ID. You can even use the same account for WeChat and QQ.

Q Zone

In China, Q Zone is one of the most popular peer-to-peer IM applications. Its popularity has made it a target for many companies, but the site’s design has some issues. The user interface is clunky and not intuitive, which makes it difficult to navigate. The website itself is simple, but it has no visual appeal, so the experience is a little frustrating.

QQ Spy App

QQ is one of the most popular IM applications in China. It offers multiple features including hold-to-talk voice messaging, video conference, sharing of pictures, and GPS location. However, these benefits can also pose some dangers. Because of this, it is crucial for employers and parents to keep an eye on their employees’ QQ activities. You can use an app like QQ Spy App to monitor the activities of employees using QQ.

QQ Coins

Chinese internet giant Tencent has issued its own virtual currency, known as QQ Coins, which have sometimes increased in value against the official currency, the renminbi. This has prompted alarm among officials from the Chinese Central Bank. There is evidence that people in China are buying and selling these coins for goods. Last year, nearly $2 billion was traded between Chinese users of the virtual currency. While the number is still small, experts say it suggests that there is an underground economy within the virtual world.

QQ International

Tencent has launched a new online social networking platform, QQ International, in China, aimed at foreign users. Its user interface is now available in English, French, Japanese, and Korean, making it easy for foreigners to interact with Chinese users. The company is also working to promote the service through partnerships with local foreign-language media.

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