Mens Wedding Rings in the UK

The choices for men’s wedding bands are many and varied. Yellow gold and white gold are the most popular metals for this occasion. Although 14k gold is the most popular choice, you can also find men’s wedding bands made from recycled gold or blue glass enamel. There are even-textured bands, gemstones, and diamonds for the more modern look. Read on to discover the styles of men’s wedding rings in the UK. After all, a man’s wedding is as much about him as it is about his partner.

White gold

The main differences between white gold and yellow gold are the color and durability. In the US, white gold is primarily comprised of silver, while yellow gold is mostly made of copper. Both white and yellow gold have their pros and cons, but white gold is much less likely to scratch than yellow gold. Although white gold is more durable, it does cost more. Platinum is the most expensive metal, but palladium and 14K gold are comparable in price.

In general, white gold is a versatile choice for men’s wedding bands. You can combine white gold with different metal tones, such as yellow or rose gold. You can even buy wedding rings with diamonds to coordinate with other jewelry your man has. If you prefer a more masculine style, go for a vintage Art Deco or heavily scratched ring. These are just a few ideas to inspire your search for the perfect white gold men’s wedding band.


Tungsten is a highly popular metal in men’s wedding rings. It has a high melting point and can be found in a variety of styles. This metal is scratch-resistant and can be found in many products, including automobiles and space shuttles. Its modern, sleek design is also highly desirable. Men can choose from rings with various levels of tungsten content, ranging from 8 to 15 percent.

Tungsten wedding rings provide excellent corrosion resistance. They are less prone to rust and tarnishing. Tungsten wedding rings are relatively inexpensive compared to other metal types. And because they are non-precious, they do not carry the same value as more traditional metals. Although tungsten may not be as precious as gold or platinum, it has many benefits that make it an excellent choice for wedding rings.

Ada’s lab created diamond wedding band

An Ada lab created diamond wedding band is an excellent choice for the bride-to-be who wants something that will last for years. The lab created diamonds are free of conflict and are created by an advanced process. Ada’s Delicate Collection includes necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, too. Couples looking for a unique, yet affordable engagement ring should check out Ada Diamonds’ wedding band collection.

Cobalt chrome

The price of Cobalt Chrome men’s wedding rings is similar to those of other metals. However, this alloy is a little more expensive than other metals, such as titanium and 14K gold. Cobalt Chrome is an alternative metal that is strong, and versatile, but not bulletproof. Cobalt can be engraved but is not as malleable as other metals. Because of this, it is more appropriate for intricate designs.

While cobalt is not a precious metal, it is biocompatible and hypoallergenic metal. In fact, it is so biocompatible that it has been used in medical implants for years. Cobalt, which is at the 27th position on the periodic table, is used in jewelry since ancient times. It is also used in making the pigment cobalt blue. It is made from copper and chrome, and it can be found during the nickel mining process.


Most people aren’t familiar with copper as a material for men’s wedding bands. The metal is a harder alternative to silver and is often used in alloys. Popular alloys of copper include rose gold, brass, and sterling silver. Copper lends itself well to intricate designs, making it an excellent choice for wedding rings. This article will discuss how to take care of a copper wedding ring. Hopefully this article will help you make a decision on a wedding band.

One of the most popular choices among men is copper, bright red metal. It is highly reactive, making it perfect for intricate designs and textures. Copper is also an attractive choice when combined with rustic elements. If you want to give your man a Bohemian look, a copper ring might be a great choice. Copper is also beautiful when given a polished, satin, or matte finish. It looks equally great in a brushed finish. Whichever style of copper men’s wedding band you choose, it’s sure to make a statement.

Multi-tone metals

Mens wedding rings UK can be made from a variety of metals. The most popular is gold, which is split almost 50:50 between yellow and white gold. Choosing 14k gold is the most common option. Other popular choices include diamonds, gemstones, and textured metals. You can even find unique wedding bands that combine several different metals. These rings are great for a modern, stylish look.

When choosing a ring for your man, think about the style that he will wear. White gold, for example, is lighter than platinum, but it still looks sturdily substantial. Whether your man wears a ring for himself or for his partner, a multi-toned band is a great way to add flair to his outfit. Consider buying a ring that is more than one tone so you’ll be able to show off his unique style and taste.

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