The digital age 

In recent years, the emergence of digital technology has led to a profound change in communication methods in the sports world. Until recently, communication used traditional tools such as radio, the press, television or posters. Today, the relationship between supporters and clubs is getting closer and closer, communication players are constantly using innovative means to mobilize fans through attractive content.

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What digital strategy is used? 

Digital visibility is considered as a sporting match to be won and the website as the stadium where the match takes place. In marketing, before establishing any strategy, we seek to define its strengths and weaknesses. For sports clubs the pattern is the same, the digital strategy must be shaped by adding the necessary ingredients to obtain long-term results. 

What are these ingredients to consider?

One of the central elements is the  initial positioning , that is to say to whom my message will be addressed. According to the management of a professional or amateur sports club, communication and the target will not be addressed in the same way. The professional organization will tend to transmit a message to the public with a commercial objective (sale of tickets, subscriptions, derivative products) by using the expertise of the employees and the sportsmen who act as ambassadors. While the amateur sports club will establish communication with athletes and licensees in order to increase the number of members of a sports federation. 

Understanding the advantages of digital communication will make it possible to establish a digital strategy consistent with what the target audience is looking for. For example, it is important to understand that social networks have a power to amplify the community principle where one can exchange, interact, support or challenge. Digital offers new possibilities that traditional speech did not offer. 

Taking these principles of communication into account will allow sports clubs to refine their personality, their identity, their values ​​which will then define their DNA which will make it possible to mobilize and then seduce the public. 

A club like RED STAR FC 93, currently playing in National (3rd division ) was able to climb to 15th place in the second edition of the Barometer of the digitization of French sports clubs . This more than positive result can be explained by a proven and attractive digital strategy. Like the social network, Instagram, where the immersive content offered to subscribers matches the identity developed by the club, we find the culture, youth and values ​​of the Parisian suburbs under a background of creativity allowing appealing content to fans who gradually develop a sense of belonging. 

Entertaining, enthusing, and engaging the community is not only reserved for sports stadiums, social networks are also a place that must be lively and entertaining in order to engage as many people as possible.

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