The Invincible Arsenal

Arsenal fans probably remember the 2003-04 season of their squad quite well. This was the season that the squad then led by Arsène Wenger won the English Premier League without losing any single game. Fans can make a bet online only on on Arsenal and all the other teams of the English Premier League.

However, this was not the only time when an English football team had a record of this kind. In the 1888-89 season, the same was achieved by Preston North End. Yet, this doesn’t make the Gunners’ achievement any less impressive.

Yet, the previous seasons had also been quite good for Arsenal. In fact, the team also won the 2001-02 Premier League. They were able to achieve this without losing any away match. Although they lost three home contests against Charlton Athletic, Leeds United and Newcastle United. These are the things that make the EPL one of the best competitions in the world, and only on 1xBet is it possible to make an online bet on all its games.

A perfect season

In general terms, Arsenal had almost a perfect performance in the 2003-04 English Premier League. They won 26 matches, drew 12 and weren’t defeated at all. Arsenal continues to be a great team, and wagering on it on is definitely a rewarding prospect.

Curiously, on the 21st of September 2003, Arsenal visited Old Trafford in order to play their biggest rivals then Manchester United during the 6th matchday of the season. The contest ended 0-0. However, Ruud van Nistelrooy took a penalty before the end of the match. But he missed it. This could have completely changed Arsenal’s story in the season.

In general, the team had some excellent players, such as:

  • Jens Lehmann;
  • Thierry Henry;
  • Robert Pires;
  • and Patrick Vieira.

The full line-up would be too long to mention. However, there were many other players that were key in helping the gunners to secure their title. The 1xBet website is a great place that should be visited by anybody wishing to wager on Arsenal.

An impressive run

There are 38 matchdays in a regular EPL season. Android users can set up apk 1xBet – how to install it on many devices is very easy, and gives lots of betting chances on the EPL and other cups. The total number of unbeaten matches obtained by Arsenal was 49 games, which extended into the 2004-05 season.

The first match that Arsenal lost in the English Premier League for more than a year came on the 24th of October 2004. Once again, Arsenal visited Manchester United in Old Trafford, in a match known as the Battle of the Buffet. The Red Devils won 2-0 with goals from Wayne Rooney and Ruud van Nistelrooy. To understand how to install the 1xBet apk is very easy, and after doing that, users will have all the EPL bets on the palm of their hands.

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