Tips to prep your patio furniture for the winter

Fall is also patio cover time. If you had your patio cover installed during the summer, you’re probably raring to get out there and use it! However, before you do that, make sure to take advantage of patio cover maintenance tips. Yes, patio covers require routine maintenance like all other appliances that are an integral part of your household. For example, patio covers should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice a year whether they are made from metal or plastic; once in the spring and again in the fall (specifically September/October). Take patio furniture cushions indoors – It might seem like common sense but many people don’t do it. The last thing you want is bugs hitching a ride into your home on your new patio set cushions! Protect patio set cushions from freezing temperatures – Duh, right? Wrong. Many people don’t realize that patio furniture cushions can freeze and damage the material (leather or fabric) rendering the cushion useless and expensive to replace.

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Just like your car, patio furniture needs regular maintenance Check patio set screws for tightness – If you had patio furniture covers installed, make sure to check between monthly and quarterly (depending on how much it’s used) for any loose screws as they provide a good location for water pooling which can lead to wood rot. To help prevent this from happening again next year, consider applying an exterior grade sealant/protecting such as Thompson’s Water Sealer. This will not only protect your patio furniture from the elements it will also help prevent future water pooling. Remove patio furniture covers – If you have a patio cover installed, make sure to remove patio furniture covers at least once a month and wipe down patio set with a damp cloth. This makes sure that your patio set doesn’t dry out and crack which can occur due to extended exposure to the elements especially if you live in an area where freezing temperatures are common during winter months. Store patio furniture – If you don’t want to deal with all of these regular maintenance tasks yourself, consider having your patio furniture professionally stored for the winter. Many storage companies will even take care of taking off patio furniture covers as well as any other steps that may need to be taken before storing them for the winter.

As the winter season nears, it is important to make sure your patio furniture is well protected from harsh weather conditions. You definitely don’t want to find any cracks or rust when you come back next spring. 

Here are some patio furniture cover tips for protecting your patio set during the winter months:

1) Invest in patio furniture covers made of heavy-duty material that can withstand harsher weather conditions. These patio furniture covers should be able to completely encase patio sets, including their cushions and pillows.

2) Ensure that patio furniture covers are large enough to accommodate additional elements like grill accessories, which could also be stored on patios during the winter months.

3) Shop around at various stores and ensure that patio furniture covers can be secured around patio sets. Find patio furniture covers that feature elastic hems and straps to hold patio furniture accessories down during adverse weather conditions, including heavy winds.

4) There are patio furniture covers that are made of custom-fit material. These patio furniture covers are tailored specifically for patio set models, making it easier to find the right size patio furniture cover for your patio sets. These patio furniture covers come with zippers, which make them more secure against harsh weather conditions.

5) Look for patio furniture covers that feature reinforced grommets on their sides or ends so you can easily tie this patio furniture covers down securely on windy days.


The winter season may be some months away but it is never too early to prepare your patio furniture for the upcoming winter season. Take these patio furniture cover tips to ensure that you patio furniture will be fully protected from harsher weather conditions when the cold season kicks in.

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