Types of the refrigerator cold

A refrigerator with a static cold has no ventilation, so the cold is less homogeneous, explains Monia Fekih (Brandt). With the temperature and humidity being different on the various floors of the refrigerator, the storage of food is impacted. 

Place the fresh vegetables in the bottom drawer, where the temperature is around 8°C. Meat and dairy products will be stored at the top (temperature between 0 and 4°C). In the door, store butter, milk, and drinks. Limit the openings, because the return to the optimal temperature is slow. Silent because it has no fan, it does however need to be defrosted manually. 

  • We talk about mixed cooling or durability when a fan, mounted on the back wall, mixes air inside the refrigerator compartment for better temperature homogeneity and removal of condensation on shelves, explains Monia Fekih. The air is only circulated when the car is running, usually, after you have opened the door. This system regenerates twice as fast as stable temperatures.
  • Air temperature is also frozen. At the bottom of the refrigerator, a pillar allows the device to release air. Haier specializes in ตู้แช่ freezing, which allows even the circulation of dry and cold air inside the refrigerator and freezer. In this way, food is cooled evenly in the refrigerator and there is no need to lower the portion of the refrigerator, explains Thomas Gendron. An important time-saver in our community where everything has to go fast! In addition, they are stored in an adequate, long-lasting food storage system. And the ice does not form, so there is no book to cut! Just below: it is important to put some food in the boxes, at risk of finding it difficult due to the dry air blowing inside.

Note that there is (yet) no sound class. The equipment is between 40 and 45 db, explains Monia Fekih (Brandt). The refrigerator makes a noise when the car starts to bring the pit temperature to the target, i.e. When the device detects that the internal temperature has risen, for example.

Power components and refrigeration climate classes

  • Electricity class is calculated according to the power consumption of the device (kwh / year), started by Monia Fekih (Brandt). The strength of the refrigeration class varies from A + to A +++ according to the European standard, explains Thomas Gendron (Haier). Class A + is the lowest on the market, with classes A ++ and A +++ consuming respectively 25% and 40% less energy than class A +. “” In the market, 80% of refrigerators are A + and 17% A ++. There are 4 climatic classes. “The choice will depend on the ambient temperature of the refrigerator area”, emphasizes Thomas Gendron. SN: expanded temperature between 10°C and 32°C; N: temperate temperature between 16°C and 32°C; ST: sub-tropicalized temperature between 18°C ​​and 38°C; and T: tropicalized temperature between 18°C ​​and 43°C. Added to these basic climatic classes are combinations such as SN-ST or SN-T. Moreover, for Monia Fekih, the best class is SN-T because “it is the widest on the market, from 10°C to 43°C. Whether it is very cold or very hot, the refrigerator works optimum.” 

Innovations in terms of comfort of use of the refrigerator

At Haier, Brandt, and other major brands, several innovations have improved the convenience of using the ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerator. 

  • The “ABT” anti-bacterial treatment eliminates bacteria and cleans the air inside the refrigerator. 
  • The display of the interior temperature outside on the door. 
  • Water dispenser with the extra-flat inner tank. 
  • LCD display on the door (with different options such as super freezing). 
  • LED interior lighting. 
  • The modular “flex-zone” compartment makes it possible to be both a freezer and/or a refrigerator. 
  • Walk-in freezer drawers allow for ease of storage and use… 

The sharp design of refrigerators

The brands bring new design innovations every year. The color ranges are expanding: stainless steel, anthracite, orange, red, cream, black, grey… The interior layout is also optimized with retractable shelves, modular shelves… But the top 2016 are the double doors with a glass wall to see what is stored in the refrigerator, without opening it. A real step forward in optimizing food preservation. This is for example the case of the Cube Series refrigerator with the Glass design of the door-in-door at Haier.

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