What are Megaways slots?

The world of online slots is well loaded with options so that users can always get the most out of the theme, functions, or features that they like the most. Undoubtedly, one of the most powerful is the megaways slots, a modality different from the rest and it is likely that not everyone has tried.

The main quality of the best megaways slots is that they give the option of exchanging the reels and the symbols in each of the spins that are made and with this, it would be possible to increase the options of ending up achieving a prize.

As you can see, this online slot machine modality promises, so we want to tell you all its details so that you can decide whether or not they are what you are looking for. Be that as it may, remember that your main mission should always be to enjoy the online game with the utmost responsibility.

Main features of megaways slots

From what we have seen, it is clear that this type of online slot machine increases the winning combinations. In other words, you will have many more pay lines than you see in a conventional slot. Thanks to this quality, megaways slots have been gaining popularity to the point of being one of the favorites of our users within the Casino Barcelona online slots menu.

Megaways slots offer the possibility of achieving good prizes with lower investments. This is so because they have dozens of possible winning combinations on each spin and that, obviously, can also be key when it comes to improving the user’s gaming experience.

Now that we know what megaways slots are, it is good that we list some of their most interesting features so that you can get to know them in greater depth:

They offer more pay lines – you can opt for thousands of winning combinations, so you won’t even be able to know all of them.

Higher Potential Rewards – With lower investments, users qualify for more powerful rewards. Despite this, it must also be said that the regularity of prizes is higher in classic online slots.

Special functions: they usually have much more powerful extras such as free spins and many others in which you will find the best price options.

Better experience: the sum of all these qualities of megaways slots results in more dynamic games and more options for players at each turn.

This is how the best megaways slots work

If when reading their qualities and potentialities you have thought that megaways slots are complicated, we advise you to change your mind because it is not like that at all. In fact, this is a very simple type of UFA game in which there are usually 6 reels and up to 7 symbols for each of them. The exact number of symbols that will appear on each spin is randomly selected by the slot itself.

For example, in a megaways slot machine with 7 reels and 7 symbols on each of them, the player will have around 115,000 different winning combinations in his spins. Obviously, we are talking about very high numbers that reflect the good options of this type of online slot.

Of course, not all Megaways slots have the same number of pay lines. It can vary in each case, so it is a quality that you should check in the online slot machine in which you are thinking of playing.

Megaways slots bonuses

We have already highlighted that one of the biggest attractions of this type of online slot machine is its bonuses. With a huge variety already on the market, we wanted to summarize here some of the most relevant:

Extra spins: there are megaways slots that can grant unlimited free spins under certain circumstances. As there is such a high number of possible winning combinations, there may not be a limit to these free spins, something that does not happen in conventional ones.

Buy symbols: it is an option that appears in some Megaways slots and with which the user is allowed to buy a fixed symbol on the reel with the intention of having more options to win. Obviously, this requires a higher investment than in a normal spin.

Waterfall: This game option is one of the most attractive of all these online slots offer. They allow the user to change all the symbols on the reels very quickly and in some cases allow you to select only one or two reels to change to try and hit a winning combination.

Multipliers: it is a function that usually has the same mechanics in all types of online slots. With them, you can make the prizes higher by matching 3 or more specific symbols on the reels.

The best Megaways slots

Now that we know the basic qualities and the extra functions that Megaways slots can offer us, it is a good time to highlight some of the best online slots of this type that you can find in the Casino Barcelona menu:

Buffalo King Megaways

The wildest nature of North America is the great protagonist of this slot. Created by provider Pragmatic Play, the slot offers 6 reels, 8 rows, and up to 200,704 pay lines. Fauna completely covers the reels in a game option in which users can end up opting for great prizes.

Buffalo King Megaways offers a Tumble feature, where you will receive the payout you hit after each spin, as well as a free spins feature. 

The Fruit Megaways

The most classic fruits once again completely flood the reels in a game created by Playson. It has 6 reels, between 2 and 7 rows, and a Megaways mechanic with which to reach up to 117,649 ways to win.

As well as the usual allure of classic symbols, The Fruit Megaways also offer such exciting features as wilds, scatters, multipliers, and of course extra spins.

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