$42 million prize money for the FIFA World Cup winner

The FIFA World Cup 2022, for the first time in history, saw $42 million as prize money for the ultimate winner and $30 million for the runner-up.

According to official figures, the FIFA World Cup 2022, held in Qatar, witnessed an entire amount of prize pool set at $72 million. This is indeed the very first time, and such a huge amount, in the entire history of the FIFA World Cup games ever. Out of this amount, the ultimate winning takes home an amount of $42 million. The balance of $30 million goes toward the runner-up team. 

In this case scenario, it would be the team Argentina and the team France, respectively. As a measure of comparison, in the year 2018, the FIFA World Cup saw the winning team, France, take home an entire amount of $38 million in the form of prize money.  

In all, however, FIFA had set aside a total amount of $440 million in the form of prize money and in terms of the World Cup games that were played out. This was in accordance with the various teams which received certain sums of money, depending on how far they reached in the overall play-out of the game and in the overall tournament. 

As a matter of recall, the prize money that was duly allotted in the year 2002 for the winning team was the figure of $8 million. This amount was increased to $20 million in the year 2006 of the FIFA World Cup. This holds true because the overall opportunities for generating additional revenues have been seeing an upward trend with each FIFA World Cup game. 

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