5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Event Banner Stands

A banner stand is a very effective marketing tool. This portable display can be used to advertise brands, products, and services in a wide range of situations. They come in various styles, sizes, and mechanisms. For instance, expandable and retractable banner stands are very sleek and easy to move from one spot to another. That’s why retractable banners are quite popular among event managers.

The Importance of Using Well-Designed Banners at Marketing Events

Events can significantly boost the buzz around your brand. Marketing event attendees include the likes of – major vendors, target clients, and journalists from notable media companies. If your custom-printed banner stand catches the eyes of these attendees, your brand will benefit a lot. However, marketing events are highly competitive occasions. Many brands will vie for the attention of the attendees at these events.

Key Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Event Banners

How to design a banner stand that makes your brand stand out? Many factors will impact the appeal of your banner stand. In addition to getting the design part right, marketers must also avoid some common banner design mistakes. Planning to design the perfect event banner for your upcoming tradeshows, business conferences, and other marketing events? Avoid making these five common mistakes –

  1. Not Matching the Banner’s Design with Your Corporate Brand Identity

What are your company’s official colors? What fonts do you typically use on your printed marketing materials? These details define your brand identity. Make sure your event banners feature your brand colors, logos, and marketing messages. If you create branded event banners, you’ll get to reuse them to represent your brand at future events.

  1. Not Considering the Location and Space Requirements of the Event

Understand where and how your banner stand will be installed at the event. Select an appropriate design and layout based on this detail.

  • Banners at busy conferences or trade shows need to feature large, bold, and easily readable text.
  • It’s also important to place key brand-related information at the top of the banners. That’s because there may be tables or booths blocking the lower region of your banners.
  • If you have plenty of space at the event, add very few design elements to your banners. Nothing will obstruct the view of the banners at spacious events. Make the most of the space by creating easily noticeable banners with very little text.
  1. Not Positioning the Logo Correctly

Your logo should be the most recognizable part of your event banner. Place it at the top so that it’s clearly visible to all event attendees.

  1. Not Positioning the Marketing Messages Correctly

What’s your company’s motive behind attending the event? Is it to promote a new product? Or are you rebranding? Make your core marketing message as prominent as possible on the event banner. Make sure this message on your banner is at eye level. Or else, busy event attendees may not understand it at first glance.

  1. Not Including Business Contact Details

There’s no need to include all contact details of your company. Just a website URL or a phone number will suffice. Or else, event attendees won’t be able to seek out more information about your brand.

Avoid making these five common mistakes to design the perfect event banners for your upcoming marketing events!

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