7 of the best websites you never knew existed

There are well over a billion websites floating around the internet, which can make finding a useful one surprisingly difficult.

You already know the big popular websites; the ones that appear at the top of Googles algorithm, but when you have a particular need or query in mind, you may require a website thats a little more niche, while still being safe and easy to navigate.

Thankfully, weve done the hard work for you. Here is a convenient list of some of the best websites you never knew existed.


Its hard being an international student, moving across the world to get the best education, possibly to a country youve never been before, and whose language you may not be fluent in.

To make the moving process a little less stressful, Student.com helps you find affordable accommodation near your college or university, or in a neighbourhood of your choice. They cover dozens of cities, from Glasgow to Rome, and do not charge for the process, saving you much needed time and cash.


Photoshop may be famously good for editing photos, but its also famously pricey.

Pixlr allows you to edit photos in your browser, without requiring installation. Its easy to use, and the basic package is free, so you only spend money on extra features you need. 

It works across all browsers, or you can download the app straight to your phone so you can start editing without any complicated tools.

Inner Body

The human body is as fascinating as it is complex. Whether you’re an anatomy or medical student, or simply curious about how your body works, InnerBody.com has all the information you could possibly need.

This website offers interactive guides to the human body, including the skeletal and muscular systems, the nervous system, and the cardio-vascular system. Its an engaging way to learn about how you work, and the site also offers help with health testing, health products, and telemedicine.

Fruity Slots

The internet isnt just a fountain of knowledge; its a fountain of entertainment.

If you’re able to gamble responsibly, there are few things more fun than online slots and casinos. The difficulty is finding a site thats fun, safe, and offers good value for money.

Fruity Slots is a comparison site for the latest new online casinos, hosted by people who use them. Their lists of ratings and reviews will help you find the best place to spend your time and hopefully win some cash.

Eat This Much

The hardest part of dieting is finding the willpower, and the idea of having to sit down and work out calorie intakes and meal plans is enough to make anyone give up before they start.

Thats where Eat This Much comes in. Simply enter the number of calories you want to ingest each day and how many meals you want to spread them across, and this automatic diet planner will help you create a menu.

It supports diets including vegetarian and paleo, and can email you helpful shopping and cooking guides.

Clean PNG

With no registration required, you can download free high quality PNG images without backgrounds, using CleanPNG.com.

The millions of PNGs they offer can be used on brochures, banners, websites and more, and theres no limit to how many you can download.


Every holidaymaker and backpacker wants to save money while they travel, and using Skyscanner is an easy way to do just that.

Skyscanner is an online comparison website that finds you the best deals on flights to and from specific locations across various airlines. It saves you from having to check each airline individually, and shows you offers on hotels and car rentals as well.

The internet is full of helpful, convenient websites. You just need to know where to look.

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