All About Welcome Bonuses In Online Casinos

Online casino is one of the most epic games in this genre. It is fun to play while there are lots of chances of winning. One of the highlights of online casinos is that you’ll get a welcome bonus for opening an account-when you sign up for the game. 

Welcome bonuses can be a form of free chips to gamble, representing a massive advantage of playing online casinos over land-based casinos. You might think it’s too good that you might get instant money by using your free chips; however, in this online game, nothing is impossible.

You can use these welcome bonuses to get more money. However, you need to learn and understand exactly how they work. Not all welcome bonuses in online casinos like norges casino are created equal, some rewards are more player-friendly, and some are not. 

Not all big bonuses are the best sometimes; small welcome bonuses have much better value than large ones. The big bonuses come with a specific requirement to be met before using them in the game.  

However, on this page, you will learn and understand more about welcome bonuses and how you can use it properly. We recommend that you take the time to read the information below. 

Why Online Casino Gives Out Welcome Bonuses

For newbies, you may wonder why online casinos give out welcome bonuses. The explanation is simple; their marketing strategy is to gain more players to open an account. 

Online casinos are highly competitive; they will do everything to make you sign up for them. They can offer you an attractive bonus that can encourage you to click their sign-up button. 

Think about it: if their marketing strategy is effective, they are more likely to win more money from their customers in the long run. Therefore, they won’t worry about offering their new player a welcome bonus because it is worth the risk as they can get their money back sooner or later. 

Benefits You Can Get In Welcome Bonuses

Suppose you plan to risk your money at an online casino and get a positive welcome bonus. You are already gambling your money anyway, by having more chips to play means you have a better chance of winning more money.

Losing is already part of any casino venue, either online or land-based. However, if lucky enough, you could quickly come out in any situation.

With the benefit of some extra chips to play with, that becomes your advantage. Even if you end up losing, you can still play longer than without having a welcome bonus. 

Types Of Welcome Bonuses In Online Casino

This year, there are already hundreds of popular online casino websites you can find where you can try your luck and win valuable cash rewards. Due to the growth of online casinos, keep introducing more welcome bonuses to attract new players and expand their systems. 

Here are some types of welcome bonuses in online casino

1. No Deposit Bonuses

The first type of welcome bonus is deposit bonuses. It is a kind of welcome bonus given to their new player, a chance to play for a limited time without depositing any money.

The game won’t ask its player for their credit card information; they can create an account and play for free.

Usually, welcome bonuses are on a limit of up to $150. After finishing playing your free spin or chips, there will be a restriction. 

If you win $10,000, you can only remove a limit of $500; you can start the rest after you deposit money to play again in their system. 

2. Free Spin Bonuses

Free spin bonuses are commonly given to existing players as a promotion if they introduce new slot machines for them to play.

However, some casinos offer free spin bonuses to new players too. Free spin bonuses give you short-time free spin that will give you a chance to win real money. 

But take note, these online casino platforms won’t be that easy because some free spin bonuses come with a higher requirement that you need to meet and have limited cash-out capacity. 

3. Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are given to those long-time casino players through their loyalty program. You can get loyalty bonuses if you reach a milestone in their game. 

You can get this kind of bonus by spending a lot of money or making a bet for the 20,000th time. It can be loyalty points, level-up systems, or new challenges. 

4. Referral Bonuses

Players who refer to the particular online casino game and introduce new players to the platform can get referral bonuses in bonus money.

However, referral bonuses are not that common. Only a few online casinos offer this kind of bonus, even though it is one of the most effective strategies for finding new customers.

5. High Roller Rewards

Some online casinos prefer players who bet with lots of money. Therefore, they offer high roller bonuses to these individuals. If you are a high depositor in their game, the platform will recognize you as a VIP. 

If you become their VIP player, you will have access to all of its games, and you can easily join their upcoming game events without any hassle. To become a VIP player, you should first deposit at least $500, so make sure that you check its game requirement. 

The main goal of these forms of welcome bonuses is to get a new player to play on their platform every day. The more players, the better their business; even though they give bonuses, they don’t see it as a threat to their game because it is an investment.


As you can see, these types of welcome bonuses above are some examples of what an online casino can offer to their player. It’s a great advantage because you can use these welcome bonuses to earn more money for playing free.

In addition, each welcome bonus has its way of working. So, before opening an account on an online casino platform, check their welcome bonuses to see if they can make a difference and help you increase your chance of more winnings. 

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