All You Need To Know About Cosmelan Peel Treatment

Cosmelan, the most effective depigmentation therapy available anywhere in the world, is the product of years of study. It is often a once-and-done treatment appropriate for all kinds of skin and may address pigmentation issues, including melasma. In addition to helping with acne and acne scarring, rough or dry skin, overall skin tone, and the ageing process, this incredible peel treats both acne and acne scarring. Cosmelan peel therapy is a flexible procedure that may be customised to meet each patient’s requirements.

Who Is A Candidate For Treatment With Cosmelan?

Anyone worried about pigmentation, melasma, sun damage, or hyperpigmentation caused by acne should consider using this product. Melasma can also appear as a discolouration of the skin. Cosmelan treatments are risk-free and may be carried out at any time of the year on fresh or persistent pigment deposits and patients of any age, skin colour, or ethnicity. In most cases, the procedure is carried out on the face, neck, chest, and back of the hands.

What Are The Most Important Advantages Of Using Cosmelan?

Without the use of lasers or foundation, it is now possible for you to obtain a decrease in pigmentation of up to 95% and finally have an even complexion. This risk-free and non-invasive process targets the source of pigment development, giving you a brighter, cleaner, and more luminous complexion. Most customers notice a significant improvement after just one session, and to maintain such improvements over time, they are advised to use home care items. The following are some of the outcomes that this specialised system can produce:

  • A lightening of the skin’s pigmentation in all forms, including melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • a brighter appearance of the skin
  • A levelling out of the complexion
  • Stopping the production of melanin is one of the effects.
  • Synthesis of additional collagen that is increased

And How Does Cosmelan Work?

Cosmelan reduces the appearance of existing pigmentation, even pigmentation resistant to other treatments, and it stops the generation of new pigmentation. The inhibitory effect on the tyrosinase enzyme is only triggered when the medicine is applied. After its work, the enzyme regains its activity and produces new melanin. It is especially true if the skin is exposed to sunlight. As a consequence of this, the use of home care products is required to keep the results. 

The formulations of the Cosmelan 1 mask and the Cosmelan 2 maintenance treatment work on the various phases of melanogenesis to enhance the results and produce a certain synergy. They have been produced using chemical and vegetable sources to ensure the highest possible tyrosinase inhibition.


The treatment with Cosmelan peel takes around twenty to thirty minutes to complete. After washing the mask, you should brace yourself for anything from two to seven days of light to moderate peeling, redness, sensitivity, and slight swelling. You will be allowed to lay under the Rejuvalight LED the following day after the treatment to aid in healing and lessen any redness that may have occurred. What is the result? After the first week, the skin looks radiant, revitalised, fresh, and smooth. The Cosmelan pack contains items that may be taken home to aid in the healing phase of the skin and prevent pigment from returning. To prevent the pigment from appearing again, you must follow the home care routine designed just for you.

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