Bet on football with these tips  

If you like to watch football you can make the games even more fun by checking Betsquare to find the best betting sites. These websites offer you the possibility to bet on many different sports, including football. Do you want to place a bet on a Premier League or World Cup game? We advise you to use these tips! 

Use probability 

Probability is an essential factor in football betting. The bookmaker estimates the match and adjusts the odds accordingly. You also make an estimate of the match and see if the probability of something happening matches the odds that the bookmaker has assigned. Probability calculation therefore simply shows you what the value of a bet is. The most successful gamblers swear by value betting . Imagine standing at a T-junction and you don’t know if your friends in the other car turned left or right. Then you still have a 50% chance that you are correct. If we convert this percentage into odds, we arrive at (100/50=) 2.00. When you estimate the chance at 50% while the odds are higher than 2.00, you have found value. Value betting requires the necessary gambling experience and of course expertise in the field of football. Imagine going for the game Tottenham Hotspur (odds 1.51) and Crystal Palace (odds 6.35). Is it smart to bet your money on Crystal Palace? Not according to the bookie. But after you have immersed yourself in the game, you might expect that Tottenham Hotspur has a 66% chance of winning and Crystal Palace still has a 17% chance. According to these percentages, odds should come out at 1.51 and 5.88. For value betters, betting on Crystal Palace is certainly interesting.

Compare the odds

You now know how the height of the odds are determined. But you should also know that there is not just one group of odds compilers that then pass the odds on to all bookmakers. The larger bookmakers in particular employ people who take on this task. This means that different odds can automatically be found at the different betting offices. This difference does not only arise because the odds compilers make a different estimate of the match. After all, competition plays at least as important a role. For example, some bookmakers choose to sit above the average by default so that more and more players gamble with them. It also differs per match and bet which bookmaker offers the highest odds. It is therefore worthwhile to create accounts at two or three betting offices and thus choose the best party for your bet.

Every bet is a new bet

Suppose you bet on a match between Manchester City and Liverpool and the home team wins convincingly. Then you might be tempted to bet on a win for Manchester next time. But is it wise to stubbornly build on previous successes? The answer to this is no . A lot can happen in the intervening period, even if it’s just a few days. So view each bet as a separate bet. That means that you once again delve into the statistics and see what the current football news brings. Pay attention to the advantage of the home team, the injuries, the form of the players and so on.

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