Buying, Consuming, and Growing Cannabis in Missouri – Essential Things You Need To Know

While the use of marijuana for recreational purposes in Missouri still awaits the nod from the state government, its use for medicinal purposes is legal since 2020. In addition to being allowed to purchase and possess a certain amount, people in Missouri can also grow marijuana plants at home up to a specific limit. Wide selections of quality cannabis seeds are available in many shops or online on the websites like Zamnesia. Some of the top things you need to know to purchase, possess, and grow marijuana in Missouri:

Who Can Buy Medical Marijuana in Missouri 

Only patients and their caregivers who possess a valid medical marijuana identity card issued by the Department Of Health And Social Services can buy marijuana for medical purposes in Missouri. You can get the medical marijuana ID card only after a Missouri-based licensed physician issues an official recommendation that certifies that you have a qualifying condition requiring treatment by medical cannabis. However, the physician can still give you medical marijuana registration card even if you don’t qualify under the listed conditions if he feels you require it for your wellbeing. Click here to learn more about DigiDrs providing medical marijuanas cards in Missouri.

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The application fee is $25, and you need to pay an additional $100 if you want to cultivate marijuana. You can designate up to two caregivers to purchase, possess, and administer medical marijuana on your behalf. The caregiver needs to make a separate application. Patients, under the age of 18, need to obtain the consent of their parents for applying for a registration card.

Consumption and Cultivation Limits

Persons possessing a valid marijuana registration card issued by the DHSS may purchase and possess up to 4 ounces of cannabis and up to 8 grams of concentrates at a time. According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, marijuana concentrates have very high levels of THC. It translates to a supply for around 60 days. If there is any compulsion for a patient to need more marijuana, the DHSS requires certificates from two independent physicians specifying the amount needed by the patient. The cultivation permit allows you to six plants each type; flowering, male, and clones.

Buying Cannabis in Missouri 

You or your licensed caregiver can purchase marijuana for medical use from any dispensary with a license in Missouri. Even though residents of other states can possess medical marijuana if they have a permit, they cannot buy marijuana in Missouri. Dispensaries in Missouri can stock marijuana flowers, edibles, vaporizers, concentrates, tinctures, and topical creams. They must charge a sales tax of 4% in addition to any state or local tax applicable.

Consuming Cannabis in Missouri 

Patients can only consume medical marijuana in private, and consumption in public places like parks, streets, sidewalks, bridges, schools, businesses, etc., is prohibited by law. You may not drive under the influence of cannabis and will receive the same punishment and impairment standards as other infractions committed while intoxicated.

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Even though Missouri regulates the purchase, possession, and cultivation of medical marijuana, the laws are clear and liberal enough to access it if you qualify. Since you do not have to demonstrate a long-term relationship with the doctor, getting a permit is easier than in Illinois, a neighboring state. 

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