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All roads lead to Rome, as they say. This seems to be the case with Inspired Gaming developer Centurion. Megaways is the third installment in the popular ‘Centurion’ series and is the first to use the popular Megaways สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ slot game engine in UK gambling outlets Inspired has used. Get the most out of what Megaways has to offer while complementing Centurion Megaways with a ton of features.


Insiration chose a peaceful period in Roman history to create this series. the sun is shining crops are growing and various buildings shine with optimism as the most powerful civilization in the world. Just as jovial as our friend and the key figure were Maxim Winnus, who had not aged since his debut on the original Centurion channel. He was as stubborn as ever, adding personality to the trial.

Playable from 20 p/c to £/20 per spin, Centurion Megaways offers one of the highest RTPs in the series with a score of 95.9%, which is a very satisfying figure for most of the young legion. Like its outstanding potential coupled with moderate volatility that keeps the game balanced.

Most of the time, Maximum Winnus hides in the bushes under the game table. This is your typical Megaways setup which consists of 6 reels with 2 to 7 symbols each. There is also an Extra Reel, 4 horizontal positions running on top. Random number symbols land on each spin, generating 324 to 117,649 ways to win.

in real winning Players must have at least two or three matching symbols on consecutive reels from the far left onwards. Every time this happens, the game’s Cascade feature comes to life. Initially, winning symbols are cleared from the reels so that new symbols fall into the blanks. which could lead to more winners Make the Cascade feature continue until no new combinations appear.

The paying symbol starts with the lower value JA Dynasty. Designed with bright fonts. In a pleasant flashback, The high-paying symbols are the same as those used in the original coins, helmets, swords, Colosseum, and chariots. The values ​​for these symbols range from 1.75 to 7.5 times the stake. The logo you want is a logo that pays off in two ways. while the six is ​​worth 50 times the stake. The symbol wrapped in a wreath is the wild symbol. This appears only on special reels to substitute for any regular pay symbols. to help build a win

Centurion Megaways: Features

  • Centurion megaways
  • Centurion Megaways Free Spins

was known to the ancient Romans as a favorite and the list of features here will satisfy even the most demanding. There are many things that must be concealed. So make yourself comfortable Perhaps recline on one of the Roman sofas to take with you on the boat at your leisure.

We talk about Max Winnus hiding in the bushes. He sometimes appears to summon the reel modifiers. There is 5 total, and one of them may be randomly assigned to any main game spin:

Big Wn Minimum Win 20x

  • Super Bonus Reels Add extra scatters to the reels to increase your chances of triggering the Bonus Feature
  • Minimum Method Minimum win amount set on next spin
  • Maximum Method will apply. Megaway Full 117,649 Megaway
  • Mystery Symbols Up to 100 mystery symbols will be added to the reels, and all mystery symbols in view will turn into the same paying symbol.
  • When 3 or more Centurion scatter symbols trigger the bonus wheel. The more scatter The more lucrative the bonus game, the more chances of winning the bonus game. They may choose to bet to win a better game than one of them. It is always possible to lose any feature at bet, in which case a mystery cash prize will be awarded instead.

The first feature on สล็อตเว็บตรง the bonus wheel is parade prizes and parade special prizes. Here, three soldiers hold awards plaques, arrows, or collectibles as flashes of light pass through them. Players press the stop button to collect cash rewards. while the arrow moves to the next shield which has more rewards.

The collection landing will end the feature. Between the prizes in the parade Players may win 10x 43x wager or in the Super Prize on Parade 18x up to 65x their bet. Caesar’s free spins from the third shield may also be won.

Next up are Caesar Free Spins and Super Caesar Free Spins. Players spin the reels to get 6 to 12 free spins with a win multiplier starting from 1-3 with Caesar free spins or With Super Caesar 8-16 free spins, the win multiplier starts from 1-5.

During this feature, each Cascade increases the win multiplier. Acquiring three scatters on the Extra Reel will award 5 more Caesar-free spins or 10 Super Caesar-free spins.

Things come to a head in Wild Power Spins and Super Wild Power Spins. During the standard Wild Power Spins, Maximum Winnus adds a wild reel to reel 2 on the first spin. Stack another wild to reel 3 on the second spin. and another wild reel to reel 4 on the third and final spin.

The process is the same for Super Wild Power Spins except Centurion adds another wild reel to reel 5 on the fourth spin. All wild reels are locked for the duration of the spin. And each shows a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x6 in a positive light. Cascade will not occur during this feature. And there will be no bonus reel to play.

The last technical feature is the spinning opportunity. If the balance is above zero but below the current betting level. Players may be offered one additional spin at that level.

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