Erling Haaland: Borussia Dortmund’s Secret Weapon

Given the manner Erling Haaland has been performing at the top of Erling Haaland’s performance in the German Bundesliga, it should be no surprise that his departure to Austrian team Salzburg was a success. At only 19, he is scoring eight goals over just six UEFA Champions League matches this season. His colleague, Robert Lewandowski, is ahead of him by scoring 10 times. It was widely known that he was a skilled player in the game of football, yet nobody believed he could achieve an average of one goal every 12 minutes. When he made his debut at the club the striker scored a hat trick against Augsburg within 20 minutes. He followed this with a second goal in the 5-1 victory over Cologne.

According to Source, He was able to accomplish all this even though he was not an active player, so imagine the chaos he can create for his opponents if he were to be in the game for the entirety of a game. Beyond scoring however the player brings many more things in the game.

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Dortmund could have signed Haaland had they not suffered losing against Hoffenheim as well as a draw with RB Leipzig further necessitated the decision. In the end they were just seven points from the league’s top team Leipzig and their main striker, Paco Alcacer, was only allowed to play six games for the club. When the winter break was over, Dortmund had beaten the opposition and managed to get among the top talked-about players in Europe.

“We can expect an athletic, competitive and physically strong centre forward with an impressive eye for goal’, according to Michael Zorc, the club’s director of sports. In the two first games which Haaland took part in, the team recorded 10 goals. This was when they realized Haaland was the ideal man for the job and much more. Haaland was like a shot of adrenaline at the time you needed it most. Leipzig as well as Bayern Munich were starting to be aware and take notice. Dortmund was back to the title race.

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The feeling of excitement that washed over the club after they found out Haaland would join the team was diminishing as Dortmund lost 3-1 in Augsburg in their first game following having a winter break. Then Haaland was officially brought on. After only three minutes on the field Haaland scored his first goal. At the end of the day, Dortmund won that match 5-3, with Haaland scoring two additional goals. The following week Haaland scored two more goals.

Erling’s goal that made it 4-1 was the decisive factor in the end Lucien Favre who is the head coach at the club. ‘He’s unstoppable. He is always eager to work out and beat the odds. It’s a great thing for coaches to have someone like you have at your disposal. While he’s quick at his feet and his speed, he’s equally deadly in coming up with plays that are made on the fly which is a constant threat against their defense. “When I was a kid, my Dad and I chose this team we looked at the various players who could be able to play me on goal’, claimed the player in an interview. And you can see that this day – there’s an incredibly quantity of talent in this squad. In just a few minutes on the pitch , I had a perfect passing pass from Jadon. Then there are guys such as Hazard and Reus who are skilled players’.

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