Explore Manhattan, NY, Like You Have Never Before; Here’s How

Bored in New York City? But that can’t be! The city harbors a plethora of fascinating places and interesting things to do. One such place is Manhattan, which is just a 20-minute drive from NYC.

Already seen a lot of New York and Manhattan? Well, then we would suggest doing something different.

Why not drive around NYC and Manhattan in an exotic car? Have you done this before? If not, then this will faze all your boredom and add excitement to your existence in NYC.

Think Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Polaris, and, of course, the majestic Rolls Royce. This is not all. There is the Range Rover, Jeep TrackHawk, Bentley, and more.

You can try any or even all the models of these top-notch brands!

Seems like a fairytale?

Only it’s true!

Contact your nearest exotic car rentals today and find the above-mentioned beauty-on-wheels in their fleet. These are only a few examples of the luxury cars they harbor. The rentals simply love stunning their customers. So they upgrade their fleet regularly, giving you some of the grandest models in the world.

Exploring Manhattan differently

You may have wheezed past the Empire State Building and Madame Tussauds a thousand times, but today is different. Today, you will zoom past these tourist attractions in a swanky luxury car.

Pullover in the luxury car and step out with pride.

Then there are amazing museums to visit. Visited already? But not in a luxury car, right?

As you rent a Corvette and let its engine roar, you will feel you are new to New York. Everything feels so new and different. It’s not like before. The streets are different. The places seem extraordinary. And you feel special!

That’s the magic of being inside a luxury car.

The ‘luxury effect’

Luxury can do beautiful things for you. And who says you must empty your wallet to drive a luxury car? Some of the most prestigious rentals in and around New York are offering special rates on certain car models. Grab this opportunity to drive in the neighborhood with pride and sophistication.

You would actually burst out laughing when you see your friends’ jaws drop to the ground!

As you pull over in the sleek beauty-on-wheels to pick up your parents, don’t be surprised, if they see you (and the car) with wide eyes. It could be a perfect surprise for your mom and dad.

They, too, may have gotten bored doing the same things in New York. Why not add spice to their lives too?

Do you know? You can also find an exotic car rental in Manhattan, NY?

Time to plan a completely different trip in and around New York. And if you have a special friend visiting the city, you just can’t afford to pick him/her up in a cab or ordinary rental.

You ought to be there in a swanky BMW or Mercedes or any other such car. How about surprising them by arranging a pickup for them at the airport?

So many things to do differently that life can never be a bore.

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