Extraordinary Ways to Congratulate Someone on a Special Occasion

Whether it is ​​getting a job, winning an award, getting married or some other special occasion, whether it is a close relative, your loved one or your colleague, be original when wishing them joy or congratulating them on this special day. 

Such occasions are perfect not only to find a special gift but also to say some sincere words from the bottom of your heart, to remind you why these relationships are important for you, to tell this person how special they are to you. No matter what surprise you are going to make, you can always accompany it with an inspirational message designed by a card design maker to share some of your heartfelt emotions.

In this article, we have gathered some extraordinary ways how you could make your close ones have a special day.

1. Back to childhood!

Who said that only kids love balloons? With them, you can come up with many options for congratulations: hang them from the ceiling with various pleasant words, cover the floor of the special person’s bedroom or office with them, invite him to write his innermost desires and let them go into the sky.

2. Make them feel like a star

If a surprise party is planned, it is worth laying a red carpet on the route from the car to the entrance to the premises. Ideally, there will be applauding people along it and camera flashes flickering — a lot of impressions for the person are definitely guaranteed.

3. Treasure hunt 

Giving a gift is simple and trivial, it is much more interesting to make the person find it by organizing a quest. Finding envelopes with tasks and completing them, the hero of the occasion will gradually move towards the surprise that has been prepared for them. You can come up with a list of 5-10 tasks that the guest of the occasion must complete before they get to the gift. These can be comic tasks, riddles or instructions, to find something somewhere (deploy, get and look for further clues). At the end of the entire journey, the hero of the festivities must find a gift. This scenario will be more difficult to implement. But if you have enough imagination to create this and enough available time for implementation of everything, then we guarantee that such an original birthday greeting will be remembered by your loved ones for a lifetime!

4. Discover the unknown 

A spontaneous trip to celebrate something special is a bright option. The hero of the occasion should simply be put into the car and taken away in an unknown direction for them (to a country restaurant, a hotel, a spa complex, etc.). At the destination, guests, balloons, and, of course, a cake will be waiting for them.

5. Invite a personal hero 

An animator disguised as a favorite character from a film, cartoon, video game, anime, some alien monster or a huge plush toy can originally congratulate and give a gift. It is such fun if, for example, a huge pink rabbit comes to work and starts hugging and congratulating the hero of the occasion. It will also be very unexpected if a huge life-size Hulk suddenly comes in, rushes to hug the honoree, and gives them a gift. 

You can as well be the one to rent the usual carnival costumes and dress up a bit. Eren Yeager and Mikasa, Santa Claus and the Elf, Superman and Batman, the Black Widow and Hawkeye, etc. Such a congratulation may be costly, but the emotions that the person will get are unforgettable. After all, we are all children deep inside. And if you still do not know how to originally wish a loved one a happy birthday, feel free to choose this method. Let the birthday boy or girl return to their childhood on this bright day.

6. Video greetings. 

It might sound cheesy, but you can make a whole film about the hero of the festivities. You can supplement such a movie with childhood photographs, their favorite music and some funny memories.

7. Fountain, chocolate fountain

Well, what can we say ….. It is very beautiful and festive. Call a dessert chef who will make a fountain (or better three small fountains with white, milk and dark chocolate), cut beautiful pieces of biscuit, marshmallow and fruit so that you can celebrate the beginning of the “sweet life” together with the hero of the day.

When the script for the original congratulation is carefully thought out, it is time to take care of the extraordinary gift. Sometimes it might be quite difficult to choose a present for your soul mate or friend because you want to present not only something necessary and desirable but also something that will express your feelings. Think carefully and the right option will pop up sooner or later. Remember, that anything done from the bottom of your heart is already precious.

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