Flawless foundation routine

Foundation or base helps in making your skin look flawless. It serves as the canvas over which you then wear the rest of your makeup. However, people wrongly assume that wearing the foundation is the easiest step, and herein lies the problem. 

The natural look 

When you apply foundation, it needs to look natural and not something caked on. Not only should the color match, but the texture as well. 

Whereas the makeup trend is going for a more subtle base as opposed to stark base, some people might need more base, especially those with problems like hyperpigmentation. 

If your skin is undergoing such problems, you then might also require the help of the Skin specialist in Lahore, as it is not possible to go full glam with base always. 

However, achieving the natural look is not just contingent on the amount of product applied. There are other factors that can help you pull off the natural look. Some helpful things to do include:

Prepare your skin 

Before you start applying foundation to your skin, you first need to prepare your skin properly. 

You should exfoliate your skin regularly, as it helps in making your skin smooth. It also then prevents the foundation from becoming patchy. Exfoliation also helps in preventing pores from becoming clogged. 

Then, hydrate your skin, so that the base glides on. Hydrated skin also looks dewier and healthier as well. If you have time, wear a good hydrating mask, a good serum, and seal it in with a good moisturizer. It is hence easier to apply base to a well-prepared skin. 

Use different types of primers 

Different primers serve different purposes. Some allow you to make your skin smooth and even. Others help in preventing the appearance of big pores whereas some prevent the high-shine spots from beaming.  Some primers help with better photographs. 

Primers can also help with making the foundation last for longer. Therefore, see if and which primer you need by experimenting. You might even use a combination of two; for example, using mattifying ones at some points, whereas highlighting ones as high points of the face. 

Thin out with your moisturizer 

Not always do you need the foundation to be thick. For an everyday look, if you wear too much foundation, it not only can overwhelm your pores, but let’s be honest, it is an overkill as well. 

For an everyday look, you can mix a drop or so of your liquid foundation with a dollop of your moisturizer to do a DIY tinted moisturizer. You can vary the intensity of the foundation accordingly. 

Try liquid highlighter 

Highlighters help in making your face glow, and thus also lends radiance to it. Liquid highlighter works better for the dewy glow. While you can mix some with your foundation, you can also simply apply it to the high points of your face. 

Finding the correct product 

Your choice of base is contingent on the weather and the type of event. However, you can also stick to a trusted formula as well. For a natural look, liquid or cream foundations work better. Make sure the shade matches to your skin tone as well. 

The application technique  

While you do have beauty blenders and brushes that help in applying base evenly, many professionals swear by using hands. Our fingers pack warmth, which then helps in melting the base, allowing it to be gilded on easily. 

Also, work your base from the center to the peripheries of your face. Start off with less product, and then build coverage if need be. 

If your skin is otherwise flawed, you do not need to go full coverage anyways. You can simply use your base in areas where you need coverage. For those with problems like melasma and hyperpigmentation, full coverage might be needed but you can visit a good  Skin specialist Lahore for help get flawless skin. 

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