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Carabao Cup football game popular football

Carabao Cup football game It is becoming very interesting with the football program Carabao Cup (Carabao Cup), probably many people who have not heard and heard from the name may think that it is a domestic football competition. But in fact, it’s a knock-out cup competition. which is organized by the EFL of the English Football Association There are 92 clubs eligible for the competition, 20 from the Premier League and 72 from the Football League, which is different from the FA Cup. That has been open to the club to compete with up to 762 teams ever. 

Which teams can win each season will have the right to compete in the UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying round in case of not getting the rights from other ways before Currently, the club that won the Football League Cup last year (season 2020-2021) is Manchester City? That can beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 with a total of 7 rounds of competition, which will be divided into;

  • The first round was a football match for 72 teams from the Championship League. League One and League Two When there is a draw, there will be overtime and possibly a penalty shootout. which is different from the FA Cup All new races are required.
  • The second round was a competition of 12 teams from the Premier League. that did not compete in the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League entered the competition
  • The third round is a competition of 8 teams competing in the UEFA Champions League. or the UFA Europa League to compete
  • The fourth and fifth rounds It was a single-elimination match.
  • semifinals It is a two-match home-and-away match.

Final It Was The Only Match At Wembley Stadium.

The latest competition year is 2021 for UFABET. The teams competing in the finals are Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur At Wembley Stadium with a score of 1-0, Manchester City won the trophy. With 7,773 visitors, it’s much lower than last year’s average of 80,000 visitors due to the coronavirus pandemic. This competition was founded in the year 1960, the football team that is considered the most successful in this tournament is Liverpool team Manchester City is an 8-time champion.

Which the Carabao Cup football game This year, the teams that are going to compete and are being watched are: Tottenham Hotspur Which is considered almost the option to open the same attack game as Chelsea in the Carabao Cup semi-final second match The Spurs side may miss the use of Son Heung-min, an important South Korean attacking star, who suffered a muscle injury from the beginning and had to be out for almost a month. Including Stephen and Christian who also suffered leg injuries.  

But it’s still good to have two receivers in the mainline. Eric and Sergio are ready to return as an option As for Chelsea’s side, it’s up to Thiago’s fitness as well. Silva and N’Golo were Two players who just recovered from coronavirus including Caesar with injuries as well there were also three other players who were injured.

In the remaining matches, this will be the match between the semi-finals on 13 January 65 Chelsea – Spurs and on 21 January 65 Liverpool – Arsenal. come the most is Manchester City got a total of 53 points, followed by Chelsea with 43 points and Liverpool with 42 points. can follow the football program Which will update the schedule of various competitions in the group.

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