Gaming chairs in PU leather VS fabric

Gaming chairs offer a multitude of choices. Every gamer wants one. What’s the difference between Polyurethane Leather vs Fabric? Which is better? Which one is better?

The main difference between leather or fabric is that gaming chairs with linen or cotton silhouettes are more comfortable and breathable than those made from leather. PU Leather gaming chairs, on the other hand, are stronger, more durable, and 100% vegan. They also make it easier to be environmentally friendly, read more on our site.

This is how you can solve your dilemma. This article will discuss all aspects of these materials and how they impact your gaming experience. They are expensive.

Gaming Seats – PU Leather VS Fabric – A Comprehensive Comparison

Gaming chairs in PU leather

The cloth seat is cheaper than genuine leather and is more breathable. A cloth seat, however, is more rigid and offers more color options to brighten up your gaming area. You can see the side-by-side comparison below.

What is the importance of the gaming chair’s material?

They will be used for many hours. It doesn’t matter if the material isn’t breathable or appropriate for the environment and temperature. You’ll have to pay more if the material isn’t durable.

What is PU Leather?

It is artificial and made of split leather. Split is the remaining leather from an animal’s skin. Split is the remainder of the leather from an animal skin that has been produced to high quality. It is used by manufacturers to make PU.

It makes Polyurethane less expensive than the real one, but it is still a good option.

Why are PU Leather Gaming Chairs so Shiny and Glossy.

Split leather is coated in Polyurethane to give it a shiny look.

Is PU Leather Vegan PU Leather – A Social and Ethical Responsibility.

Polyurethane Leather can be made from 100% vegan options. It is PETA-approved. It is also not biodegradable when it comes to eco sustainability.

Pros and cons of PU Leather


  • Economical. Polyurethane is much more affordable than genuine/genuine leather. You will be able to save money while still feeling like royalty and genuine comfort.
  • Attractive. Without deep knowledge, you can’t tell if it is artificial or pure. They look identical and have a shiny appearance. You will notice the difference when you take a closer look.
  • Resistant to Stains. It is impermeable, and will not absorb any stain. There is nothing to worry about if liquids or food are dropped on it. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This will make sitting comfortable and ergonomic. It is resistant to spills and stains.
  • Durability. It is cheaper but it is much more durable than other materials. You can’t cut it, but it will withstand any weather. After a while, it loses some of its glamour, but it will still be comfortable as before.

What’s the difference between Faux Leather and PU Leather?

Faux and PU are purely artificial. Faux, however, has genuine leather pieces. Synthetic leather is also known by PU.

For a shiny appearance, PU material can be mixed with Polyurethane. Faux is made with polyester, which gives it a more attractive look and lasts longer.


  • Let’s take a look at the opposite side.
  • Trapping Heat
  • It is impermeable which makes it incompressible. It does not breathe, so neither does your body. If you are sitting for long periods, it will quickly raise the temperature. This can cause you to feel uncomfortable and even sweaty.
  • Get a Cheaper, Closer Look
  • It gives you a feeling of royalty, as we mentioned earlier. You will then be able to distinguish between genuine and artificial leather.
  • It’s easy to damage
  • It is not resistant to many accidents. Your seat may be damaged by nails from a cat.
  • It will begin ripping from the point you have cut it. These are the only instructions that manufacturers provide to us in order to protect your material from being cut.

Fabric Gaming Chairs

They are great for hot climates and can be used for hours.

What does Fabric have to offer us?

Although it is not used to describe a particular material, it is a generic term that can be used for many materials. They can be made from a mixture of cotton, linen and polyester or mesh. Although it is more affordable, you won’t get the same premier feel with a shiny appearance.

Are Fabric Gaming Chairs Worth it?

It all depends on you. The best thing about cloth gaming chairs is their ability to breathe. They are more comfortable for gamers and don’t require heat.

Is Fabric or Cotton Cheaper than PU Leather?

It is much more affordable than the original PU. It is a great choice if you have a tight budget as it is much more affordable than leather.

The pros and cons of fabric material



It is also very economical. Its production is very affordable. It is therefore a more affordable product.

More breathable

It is much more breathable. Because it is woven, there are tiny holes that allow air to flow in and out. It does not heat up like synthetic material if you are seated on it for longer periods.

It will keep you from sweating and will also prevent your skin from sticking to it. It is easy to clean and maintain.


Cloth is also considered to be durable. However, it all depends on what quality cloth you purchase. The cloth will last longer if it is tightly woven.


Highly permeable

It is extremely porous and can absorb any liquid or stain. The marks are difficult to remove. It is impossible to wipe the stain off with a cloth. You must wash it. It will be more difficult to clean a stain if it dries up.

Because of the difficulty in seeing the consequences, it is not recommended that you eat or drink on these gaming seats.


They are difficult to maintain or upkeep. Keep the fabric clean and free from animals or dust, and wash it immediately if it stains.

Which Is the Best? We recommend!

This depends on your personal and environmental preferences. The environment and your usage can both reduce or enhance the pros and cons that we have discussed. This is why no one but you knows the answer.

When I speak about me, I will say that I am not a cleaner. This is why I would choose PU. However, not everyone is as kind as me.

You can also play video games all day. You can even eat and drink from your chair without worrying. You can easily wipe it with a damp cloth.

However, PU can cause serious problems if you live near a high temperature area. There is a lot of sweating, which can cause itching and irritation. You won’t be able play for as long. The cloth material is comfortable for office chairs, while PU is more suitable for gaming seats.

What’s the difference between PU Leather and Mesh Gaming Chairs?

A mesh skin transplant is made from a patch of skin that we have cut to make a mesh. Mesh is a well-known material that is unique. It is loosely knitted and knitted with many small holes.

What material is the best alternative to PU or Fabric?

Mesh. It is our preferred choice. Mesh gaming chairs are more breathable and offer more ventilation. Mesh gaming seats don’t retain heat so there is no sweating.

They are comfortable and can be used for long periods of time. They are affordable and easily available so they can be used by anyone.

Are Mesh Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Comfort is not offered by mesh materials. Mesh materials are not like other materials that mold to your body. They are also not very durable. Softer materials can easily sag.

Pros of mesh material:

  • Ventilation
  • Maintenance
  • Cheap
  • Accessible easily

Cons of Mesh Material

  • Less Durability
  • Less comfort

You can wrap it up!

It is important to consider the material of your gaming chair. You won’t be able to enjoy the chair if you don’t feel comfortable. If you live in a colder state, synthetic or faux material is recommended. If you are from Florida or Tixaco, it is better to go for cotton material.

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