How to buy the cups and medals of a sports tournament?

In a sports tournament, it is customary to reward the winners with cups and medals. Therefore, if an association under the 1901 law organizes this type of event, it must comply with this formality but suddenly, where to buy the cups and medals for your sports tournament? How to choose among the many models that exist on the market? The details straight away;

Purchase of cups and medals: the prerequisites

In order to mark the occasion and as a reward for the winners of a sports tournament, the organizing association must provide cups and medals for its event. However, the market is full of products as diverse as they are varied in this area. They exist in many variations of materials (gold, silver, bronze, etc.), shapes, finishes (gold, silver, etc.) and colors. Also, the choice is not always obvious when buying the appropriate cups and medals. This is why it is advisable to take into account certain elements before its acquisitions.

The number of winners

Regardless of the type of sport in competition (individual or collective), it is above all necessary to know how many cups are necessary and to define the number of people who will receive the medals. In principle, it is customary to offer a cup for the three winners and a medal for each member of the winning teams. Note that for team sports, it is common for each member of the victorious team to receive a small cup and the coach a prestige cup.

Sports discipline in competition

To fit the cups and Custom Medal into the tournament as much as possible, it is strongly recommended to choose models bearing the image of competitive sport especially since it are now possible to personalize these sports rewards.

The budget

It goes without saying that like any purchase, the acquisition of cups and medals for a sports tournament depends essentially on the budget dedicated to it. In any case, it is advisable to choose products with the best value for money, even if the association’s budget is limited and this, in order not to tarnish the image of the associative structure.

Sports tournament: a multitude of cups and medals to choose from

To reward the good results or the participation of the competitors in the sports tournament that it has organized, and not to miss anything of this solemn moment, it is essential to choose the sports rewards well among the panoply of models available on the market. The associative body at the origin of the event is also spoiled for choice for this approach.


In terms of cuts, several options are available to the association:

Classic cups: they come in different sizes, in various colors and adapt to the age of the participants.

Designer” cuts: they stand out for their sophisticated appearance and functional style.

Trophies in the image of competitive sport  : generally in resin, they are designed to represent a particular sport (presence of a ball to symbolize football, rugby, etc., rackets for tennis, action figures for a martial art, swimming, etc.). Personalized cuts: these are cuts that have the characteristics (color, material, etc.) and bear the information of your choice (text, image, logo, etc.).

The medals

Usually, each player on the winning team receives a medal to honor and reward their efforts. With or without ribbon, the medals serve as individual prizes. We can thus distinguish:

  • Basic medals: these are most often metallic models (in gold, bronze or silver) which display neutral patterns.
  • Medals engraved with the effigy of a specific sport: these models bear an engraving that symbolizes a particular sporting discipline (running, basketball, etc.)

Good to know

Nothing prevents you from personalizing the attachment (neck strap or ribbon) of your medals with the logo of the association. It can also wear the color that best represents the context of the sports tournament.

Where to buy cups and medals for your sports competition?

For the purchase of your cups and medals for your sports tournament, you can perfectly do your purchases online. Otherwise, stores and boutiques that specialize in the sale of sports equipment and accessories open their doors to you.

Specialized websites

To save time and make things as easy as possible, going through specialized websites is the most recommended option especially if you want to personalize your sports rewards for your tournament. In fact, in just a few clicks, you can find the cups and medals that will meet your needs and expectations.

Sports shops and boutiques

Of course, sports shops and boutiques of Custom Medals wholesaler are always a safe bet for the purchase of your medals and cups. Besides, why not consider a partnership with a local brand? A request for sponsorship will effectively allow you to reduce your expenses while giving more visibility to your sports tournament.

The different types of medals

Baptism medals can be made using different techniques and we present here the characteristics and qualities of each type of medal.

Minted medals

As its name suggests, the struck (or stamped) medal is obtained by a pendulum striking process: a gold plate is placed, after having been heated between the matrix of the medal (negative printing of the motif of the medal) and a mace.

By a rhythmic press process, the gold leaf takes the imprint of the die and becomes a medal.  The more the plaque is struck, the better the quality of the medal, this is what explains the price difference between a prestige medal and a classic medal.

Once struck, the medal is unloaded to remove the excess medal; we add a bail and apply a finish (polished, sandblasted, etc.). The stamped medals offer great finesse and high quality. 


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