I Tried To Improve My Life Using Crystals

I have a really difficult time believing it when people say that crystals can heal or crystals have different powers.today, we’re going to be investigating crystals.

I live in Los Angeles, which means that there is no shortage of people who are obsessed with crystals.I have this little stash here that’s all our birth stones, garnet,aquamarine, rutilated quartz, and malachite.

What does this remind you of ? I had to buy it.Citrine, yep, I love crystals and usually by crystal,crystal jewelry,fashion jewelry online shop.So, according to the internet, the use of crystals in healing practices dates back around 6000 years to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

It’s claimed that crystals do things like stimulate the immune system, help with memory and focus, protect you from negative energy. Supposedly it can even do things like promote healthy sleep, aid in digestion, and elevate fear and self-doubt. Basically there’s a really long list of things that crystals can supposedly do.

But, I wanted to know the truth.Do they actually offer legitimate health benefits?Or are they just another wacky wellness trend?

So, to figure it out, I decided to do a couple of things.But, so like you don’t actually believe

that they have magical powers?I don’t think they’re magical.But I think you can’t deny that they have energy.Because we use quartz to power so many things.

I don’t rely on them for healing. Or like, if I’m sick, I’m not like,let me just put a crystal on my face.(Crystal laughing)You know, I was gonna say.It’s the crystals, they hear us.

If I see a crystal,and it’s one that I can’t stop thinking about,then I feel like there’s some reason in my life that I probably need it.

And the best part about crystals,if you ever buy one, nobody else will have that crystal.

How did you get into crystals,There was one day that I was standing in front of a quartz cluster that was floor to ceiling,so it was literally a million dollars.And my knees started to vibrate,and I was so like bitter and jaded,and I was like, aw, crystals don’t do anything.

And then I had this genuine physical reaction,and that’s when I started to actually understand the healing powers of crystals.

I have to be honest, I’m a natural born critic,I have a really difficult time believing it when people say that crystals can heal,or crystals have energy, or they have different powers.If you have a medical condition, then seek a doctor.Like, that’s why doctors exist.If we’re talking about something metaphysical, that’s why crystals exist.So, you would mention skepticism about crystals having energy, that’s science.

So, that is why crystals were used in radios, in watches,bracelet and jewelry,Crystals have something called piezoelectricity. Which means that they hold a charge.

So there is science that proves that everything around us right now can hold a charge?

– It’s like wifi, we can’t see wifi. We know it exists.And we’re affected by it in ways that we don’t always know. And it’s really important for us to be aware of what’s affecting us on a daily basis. Because the unseen exists. And so, being around the crystals, it helps you remember to tune into what’s around you at all times.

When we do talk about specifically crystal healing, people aren’t saying, I broke my leg

and I’m going to hold a crystal up to it,and it’s going to heal my leg? That’s not what they’re talking about, Right, when it comes to the belief system in healing,if something in you is broken,you wanna take certain care to that part,which means that my awareness is going to the part of me that is in pain.

This is just a rock, until we put our intention in it.It is not that I am going to put this on my nightstand and hope that it magically works on its own with me not doing any work. If I’m in intending to help amplify my intention, that is what people use crystals for.It’s about the relationship of us understanding what it is that we want to heal, and this can help amplify the power of our thoughts.

I do believe that they’re in such like an extreme connection between the mind and the body. What we think and feel really does affect our physical existence. Like, if you talk to your plant in a loving way, if you play your beautiful music, it will flourish. Why would we think that a plant is more advanced than we are? Why would we think that a plant has more capability to respond to positive input than what we can?

We have all of the tools. We don’t need all of these exterior things. It’s very, very helpful.

But our relationship with ourselves is by far the most important thing. And having something physical next to me as a reminder is a wonderful way to kind of keep that personal accountability of am I living the life that I’m setting out to live?

It’s what we put our focus on that has the most power. And so, crystals work in perfect alignment in what it is you’re choosing to focus on. And nothing in nature is an accident.

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