Nine-year hegemony of Juventus in the Italian Football Championship

Juventus Turin is always popular in Italy, because it is the most titled club in the country. You can view all soccer live scores of the team on a trusted statistical portal. In the 2020/21 season, the nine-year championship streak of the Old Lady was interrupted and it was a real shock for the fans. Everyone is used to victories, the team was excellent, but many mistakes and lost points did not allow them to get the trophy. However, the great Juventus will still be back on a winning streak, no matter what happens.

Significant moments that allowed them to win in Serie A 9 years in a row:

  1. Season 2010/11 – building a new Juventus. After returning from Serie B, where Juventus went because of the well-known Calciopoli scandal, things were not going well. Andrea Agnelli decided to update not only the composition, but also the leadership, inviting Giuseppe Marotta, Fabio Paratici and Luigi Delneri. It was this step that allowed the Old Lady to reorganize in a short time, unload the payroll and improve their results.
  2. From 2011 to 2014, the team is led by Antonio Conte, because Delneri did not like Agnelli. The legend of the club immediately started to work at maximum speed and managed to convey the winning spirit to the players. As a result, after the calm period, they won three championships and two super cups at once, but the European arena is empty.
  3. The lack of success in European competition forced Andrea Agnelli to change coaches. In 2014, Massimilliano Allegri came in and took part in the hegemony, adding five champion titles.

Juventus won their ninth league title already under Maurizio Sarri. You can view soccer scores live on a trusted portal. The site also has a calendar with future games and a lot of other useful information.

Did Juventus need to trade Maurizio Sarri for Andrea Pirlo?

The leadership of Juventus had a very strange decision to dismiss Maurizio Sarri from the post of head coach. The Turin team took the first place in the Serie A tables, but failed in the Champions League once again, and this may have affected the situation in the club. Considering that they signed Andrea Pirlo to replace Sarri, the decision was doubly strange. From that moment on, the Turin team began to play worse and eventually broke their 9-year hegemony. Pirlo cannot be blamed for everything, because the club underwent changes in their leadership, and the squad was far from the best.

They signed Massimilliano Allegri to replace Pirlo in 2021. High hopes were placed on the Italian, but he failed to take the lead in table Serie A and could not improve the game of Juventus from his very first season. The great team started to rebuild gradually, like many of the top clubs of the time with financial problems.

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