OANDA Review: Best Forex Brokers in UAE

OANDA, a reputable international company, stands out for its track record and superior market research. Its support for third-party features strengthens its entire offering, and it has a solid regulatory track record. Check the best forex brokers in uae here.

However, OANDA falls just short of the top forex brokers due to its constrained selection of CFDs and average pricing.


OANDA was established in 1996 and is licenced in six tier-1 jurisdictions, making it a secure (low-risk) broker for trading forex and CFDs.

The Market Pulse hub contains top-notch market research articles and daily analysis updates.

The “Market Insight” podcast is one that OANDA creates on its own.

The fxTrade mobile app is very user-friendly and has a fantastic balance of features.

The research resources, news, and market analysis provided by OANDA are superb.

ZuluTrade offers social copy trading (but a $500 investment is necessary).

Several VPS options are provided with the Trading View platform for hosting MT4.

As part of its Algo Labs offering, OANDA offers several options for algorithmic trading, including through API. According to oanda reviews its egal and regulated.


less frequently updates on the video market than its rivals.

Despite the quality of the training materials, OANDA’s video output is sparse and mainly consists of platform lessons.

OANDA’s spreads are below average and far behind those of discount market giants CMC Markets and IG.

The fxTrade desktop and web trading interface from OANDA is adequate but falls short of industry heavyweights like IG and Saxo Bank.

how we evaluated fees

Based on how Oanda’s charge levels compare to those of all brokers we studied, we classified them as low, moderate, or high.

Let’s go through some terms linked to broker fees to get things started. The trading costs and non-trading fees are what you need to pay attention to.When you trade, trading expenses are incurred. Commissions, spreads, interest rates, and conversion costs are a few examples.

Fees that are not directly associated with trading include withdrawal costs and inactivity fees.You can see the most pertinent Oanda fees for each asset type in the sections below. For instance, spreads, commissions, and financing rates are the most crucial expenses in the context of forex and stock index trading.

Additionally, we contrasted Oanda’s fees with those of Pepperstone and FXCM, two brokers we found to be comparable. This decision is made based on objective criteria, including the items offered, the type of clients, the pricing schedule, etc. View a more thorough list of alternatives to Oanda.

Let’s start with trading fees to get a good picture of Oanda.

Fees for Oanda trading

Trading costs at Oanda are reasonable. Oanda typically levies spread fees as opposed to commissions for each trade. If a client doesn’t use their account for more than a year, they are assessed a monthly inactivity fee.

We are aware that comparing trading costs amongst forex brokers is challenging. In order to evaluate brokers, we calculated all of the fees associated with a typical deal for a set of products. Oanda reviews tell that oanda fx is fully secure platform.

Within each asset class, we chose well-known instruments typically provided by forex brokers: AUDUSD, EURCHF, GBPUSD, EURUSD, and EURUSD

CFDs for stock indices: SPX and EUSTX50

In a typical transaction, the instrument is purchased, held for a week, and then sold. For volume, we decided on a $20,000 forex account and a $2,000 stock index CFD position.


Instead of levying a flat-rate commission, OANDA makes its money as a forex broker by charging variable dealing spreads. You will often see 2 rates posted when viewing exchange rates for a certain currency pair via OANDA’s platforms: a “buy” rate and a “sell” rate. These levels line up with the “bid” and “ask” exchange rates of other forex brokers, respectively.

The “sell” price is the exchange rate OANDA is presently willing to sell that currency pair for, while the “buy” rate is the maximum exchange rate OANDA is currently ready to pay you for that currency pair. The “dealing spread” is the difference between the buy and sell prices, and it at least partially covers OANDA’s costs associated with completing your trade. Dealing spreads may change based on the state of the market at the time and the particular currency pairs you’re trading.

OANDA’s dealing spreads are subject to alter over time, just like those of the majority of other forex brokers. However, the broker does a great job of informing traders of the latest spreads and changes to them. You can see on OANDA exactly how much of a dealing spread you’ll have to give up.

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