Pocket Option Review – How to withdraw money

However, it is recommended to fully understand the withdrawal process before using the Pocket Option. This Pocket Options review might help you learn more about the broker’s withdrawal options.

Creating a withdrawal request

This online broker’s withdrawal procedure is its best feature. The existing system is quick and straightforward. By providing a variety of withdrawal ways, the broker has made the procedure simpler for everyone because it places a high value on user convenience. Let’s now discuss the process in more depth.

You must first go to the Finance area to submit a withdrawal request.

  • Click on the Withdrawal option there when you locate it.
  • You’ll then be taken to the withdrawal page.
  • The withdrawal amount must be entered at this point.

Select the payment or withdrawal option that is offered depending on your needs.

After then, all you have to do to finish the process is followed the directions displayed on the screen.

You should be aware that depending on your withdrawal method, the minimum withdrawal amount will change. Also, remember to correctly state the receiving account information in the “Account Number” field.

It should be noted that bonuses will be removed from your trading account balance if you request a withdrawal and have an active bonus.

You can successfully withdraw money from the Pocket Option by following the instructions. 

You will have a lot of flexibility when it comes to withdrawal methods.

However, remember that you are permitted to withdraw funds in the same manner that you deposited them. This indicates that if you paid by wire transfer, you can only withdraw your money using the same payment method.

The many withdrawal options offered by Pocket Option are described in full here.

Select a method of withdrawal

You may view your available balance, the required minimum withdrawal, and the withdrawal commission on the Withdrawal form. The payment method you used to make a deposit will be utilized by default for the payment method.

For instance, the default withdrawal method would be cryptocurrency if you had paid for your deposit using the same currency. The other payment options include wire transfers, e-wallets, and card payments. It’s simple and quick to add additional payment options to your account. The best promo codes for pocket option available is PRP4RNCE.

Select the currency, enter the desired amount, and enter the cryptocurrency address if you prefer to withdraw your money using a cryptocurrency. Select the appropriate card type and provide the necessary information to draw a card. On the other hand, if you would instead withdraw money using an online account, you can do so by simply selecting the online payment option, entering the desired amount, and account information Last but not least, to make a wire transfer or bank payment, select the bank from the drop-down box and input the necessary information.

Money, Charges, and Withdrawal Duration

The US dollar is the only base currency that Pocket Option currently uses for deposits and withdrawals. Nevertheless, the withdrawn funds are immediately changed to your desired money based on your payment method and registered country. The currency conversion and the Pocket Option withdrawal process are free of charge.

If there are no problems with the account, the withdrawal process typically takes minutes after the request. Sometimes incidents of account difficulties may take a few days to resolve. Excluding any system promo codes for pocket option, coupons, and discounts, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.

With the Pocket Option, the minimal withdrawal amount

Are you concerned about the minimum withdrawal amount for the Pocket Option? Don’t worry at all, though. The minimal withdrawal threshold is shallow.

It should be mentioned that there may be a cost if you withdraw less than the minimum amount, which is USD 10. The charges are displayed on the withdrawal menu. Additionally, you can contact the Pocket Option customer care staff to learn more about this.

Even though all trading accounts are available in USD, you can quickly withdraw money to your account in the preferred currency, depending on the payment method. After receiving the payment, the funds will be changed into your local currency within a few hours.

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