Sharing with Vn88 Rezence, Toure denies holding a grudge over his dismissal from Wigan Athletic

Kolo Toure has no hard feelings about being fired as Wigan manager and is eager to return to management.

Wigan’s new manager, Shaun Maloney, has his work cut out for him as the club fell behind on player salaries this week.

Even though Toure was only in charge for nine games, he knows he made mistakes and can improve moving forward.

To the W88 Sports News, Toure said: “My time at Wigan has been fantastic. The position was challenging, especially with the team in a relegation dogfight, but I thrive on difficulty.

“The goal was to alter the way we play in order to prolong our survival. Training in a new fashion takes time, and the players were understandably anxious about the transition.

“We made several attempts to effect positive change throughout my tenure, but to no avail. We drew a handful of games and lost a few.

“I learnt a lot and would like to go back; I made some smart decisions and could have done better in some areas.

“It was thrilling to work with such talented athletes, but the pressure to avoid relegation quickly became overwhelming when the team began losing games. What the board did was necessary.”

Sharing with Vn88, Toure clearly thought he tried to make too many adjustments at once during his time with Wigan. Wigan were in 22nd place with only six victories out of 21 games when he took over as manager.

Toure’s style naturally centered on possession and patient buildup play, given his experience playing for and coaching under Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers. But, this appears like a case of wrong time, wrong place.

“You can’t win without more time, especially if you switch up your play style. Because success in business depends on winning, I was let go because my strategy wasn’t producing the desired results.

“As a normal part of working, and as a requirement for the job I want next, I’m choosing to see this as a positive experience and to look forward to the challenge of finding a new position.

“I’d like to take that experience and use it to better myself before pursuing future opportunities.

“What I’ve realized is how crucial the players are. You have to play to the strengths of your team members. You have an obligation to provide them with the most suitable venue for expressing themselves.”

Rezence thinks that Toure isn’t the only manager to have played at the highest level to learn that the same things that were possible on the teams he played for aren’t available to him now that he’s managing them.

Patrick Vieira, a Premier League legend and the recent dismissal of the manager of Crystal Palace, was a teammate of his during his playing days.

Yaya Toure, the younger brother of Kolo, commented to W88 Sports News on how shocked he was by the result.

And Kolo said: “Seeing Patrick get fired was tough for me to take. I thought he was doing a fantastic job, both last year and thus far this year.

“While he was in the 12th spot, it wasn’t the worst one. Every team in the Premier League is excellent, and its players and coaches are among the best in the world.”

Kolo Toure has noticed that after Vieira’s dismissal, there are no black managers left in the Premier League.

It was his words: “It was unfair for Patrick to be in Patrick’s position and then to be fired. I think he would have benefited from the backing, and the fact that we are discussing the dearth of black managers raises red flags in my mind.

“There may not be many, but I have faith in the ones we have. I don’t think it’s fair that they have to perform at such a high level. Crystal Palace may have been maintained by Patrick.”

Toure: “I would advise Arsenal to recruit Saka for a ten year contract.”

Kolo Toure’s face lights up whenever Arsenal is mentioned, but he’s rarely unhappy.

He was a member of Arsenal’s 2004 Premier League championship side and thinks the current squad is capable of repeating that feat.

Toure made the following remark on “It’s plausible that they’ll end up as Premier League champions. Their proficiency and camaraderie on the field speak volumes.

“They work together to defend and attack. They rejoice and they mourn together. That’s a real sense of familial unity. It’s clear these guys are willing to go to bat for one another.”

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