The main concept of tennis

Tennis is a sport played mainly outdoors using a ball and a racket (or racquet). There are five types of shots used in tennis and they include forehand, backhand, service, volley and groundstroke. Tennis is also known as lawn tennis because its rules were originally established by the English nobility who had access to large amounts of land where players could practise without being disturbed. Let’s see in the article below the main concept of tennis.

In-swing mechanics

The stroke begins with a swing of the arm (forearm), which transfers energy from the shoulder to the elbow joint like most leroi johnny casino en ligne games. At this point, the arm has bent 90 degrees at the wrist joint. After hitting the ball, the player must follow through with his/her body to return the ball into play. This movement should be timed correctly to get maximum impact on the ball during contact.

Out-of-swing mechanics

When hitting the ball, you need to keep your body balanced for power generation. To do so, you have to move your feet or knees while swinging the racket. Many other players choose not to move their feet when executing a service even though it is allowed since it creates an unstable position that can lead to loss of balance. You may also hit the ball with closed eyes to enhance your accuracy.

Reaction time

Every time the ball hits the racket, reaction time determines whether you will lose points. If we measure reaction time, we would say that about 1 second after you see the ball coming towards you, the ball lands inside the court. You then have one second left to decide what you want to do next before the opponent reaches the ball. During this millisecond, some people have quicker reactions than others. So you must learn how to improve your reflexes.

In conclusion, although there are only 5 types of strokes in tennis, there are over 50 different techniques you can use to execute them. By understanding each technique’s purpose, you will be able to use this information to improve your best online casino game and develop more consistent strokes.

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