Watch English Premier League (EPL) Live Streaming

The English Premier League is the most elite football league in the world. There are plenty of reasons why the football tournament is highly anticipated by football fans every year. This is why football fans are scouring the web for the most affordable live streaming service of the EPL.

You will find in this guide the nuggets of information that you need to get started in EPL betting.

How to watch the EPL in Singapore?

Now that the battle royale between the best footballing clubs in England is occurring once again, all the 380 games of the EPL could be watched online in Singapore. One of the best football betting Singapore sites in Singapore is StarHub. It is home to the best streaming features in the Singapore market.

What are the benefits of EPL live streaming?

Aside from the availability of the platform to be accessed anywhere in the world, the live streaming site is filled with various benefits that you will surely appreciate. 

Party watch

One of the benefits of EPL live streaming is that you can enable the Party Watch mode where you can share the live streaming with your friends and family. 

Live match statistics

You will also appreciate the live match statistics available within the football betting Singapore platform which are usually found on recommendation portals.

Game stories

Lastly, the platform has an amazing feature in the form of Match Stories. You can skip through the highlights of the game in their mobile version.

Where can you watch EPL?

You can watch the live streaming of the matches of the Premier League using the StarHub platform. What is amazing is that the StarHub site comes in various forms such as web portal, mobile application, and the StarHub TV black box. 

For those who prefer a wider screen, you can choose the StarHub TV black box service which is available for access on Android TVs. Meanwhile, fans who are always on the go can access the platform on portable devices in Android and Apple.

Best EPL matches to watch 

Now that you are aware that you can watch EPL live stream Singapore free, you can now choose the best EPL match to test the effectiveness of your live streaming platform. Here are the most exciting EPL matches for streaming available for you.

Fulham vs Liverpool

Fulham is promoted to the English Premier League for the first time again. Their match against Liverpool at the Craven Cottage on Saturday is already a challenging one. The boys of coach Jurgen Klopp had to accept the fact that they lost to Manchester City in the previous edition of the Premier League.

Newcastle vs Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest returned to the English Premier League after so many years. This is why they are forced to walk on eggshells in their 2022/23 campaign of the English Premier League. Meanwhile, Newcastle United are vying to be qualified for the Champions League.

Man United vs Brighton

Manchester United found a new manager in the form of Erik ten Hag which makes them really hopeful for this season. Meanwhile, Man United will be hosting Brighton & Hove Albion at the Old Trafford on Sunday. The Red Devils failed to make the cut in the top four in the previous season of the Premier League and they will do their best to get ahead this year.

Final words

The new season of the Premier League is filled with hope for newly-promoted squads and another year to survive the campaign for squads that will return to the fixtures. Fortunately, there are plenty of platforms to watch the prestigious tournament. Watch the EPL live stream Singapore free on the platform and boost your gaming experience!

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