What is Earn 2 Trade? What Products Does Earn2Trade Offer?

With hundreds of new education organizations, forex and futures prop firms, and coaches appearing out of thin air, determining if a company is real is getting increasingly difficult.

Earn 2 Trade is a respected forex education institution that teaches trading futures and FX. They provide students with mentoring sessions, webinars, and individualized education. And upon course completion, they place their successful pupils with trading firms. The team is comprised of educators, seasoned traders, and exceptional developers. Is this program legitimate? Here is a comprehensive evaluation of Earn2Trade.

What Is the Earn2Trade Platform?

Ryan Masten designed this application to teach forex and futures trading to traders. He developed the Gauntlet curriculum with the assistance of educators with extensive field experience. Professional traders, developers, and educators make up the crew.

The traders passed the National Futures Association series three and series 34 exams. Moreover, the instructors know how to trade successfully. This can serve as a training ground before transitioning from a hobby to a professional.

What services does Earn2Trade provide?

Earn2Trade’s newest offering is Gauntlet Mini. It allows you to have a funded trading account within two weeks of satisfying all requirements.

The Gauntlet Mini enables traders to evaluate their intraday abilities and offers a crash education for beginners. You must also practice stringent risk management.

After passing the training, you can proceed to the Gauntlet course for maximal trader flexibility. After completing a 60-day test, you can trade as you like. For instance, you can hold positions overnight. And after exceeding expectations, you will receive a complete refund.

Introductory Crash Course

This is an introductory-level education course on prevailing market circumstances, technical trading, and risk management.


The intensive four-month program includes the gauntlet and weekly mentoring. This is an education program that combines the assistance of professional traders and educators. You can test yourself in a realistic setting to determine what works best. And upon completion of the education program, you receive an offer from the support organization.

Through weekly meetings, the mentor walks you through the video and webinar catalog. After completing the course, you can begin a trading simulator while your mentor monitors your performance.

What Do You Obtain Upon Completion Of The Course?

Once a candidate completes the course, funding from the proprietary partners is guaranteed. In addition, the budget is not restricted by profit split or maximum drawdown. All funds are available for dealers.

Developing A Profession In Trading

After completing the course, you can begin a career in the financial markets and enjoy the resulting independence. You will be your employer, determine your schedule, and become a respected member of society. Through mentoring, the support team will help you enhance your trading skills.

Can the gauntlet mini be reset? You can reset your account for $100; however, this does not reset the billing cycle. This will only restore the account to its initial balance. After subscribing to the program, you gain free access to webinars, a video, and a library of lessons.

Gauntlet Mini Pricing

A minimal fee is required to initiate this program. An introductory crash course costs $250. (Lifetime access). In addition, a Journalytic reporting tool and a trading simulation tool are accessible. Pricing will depend on the type of trading account desired. It ranges from $150 to $350 per month for premium accounts.

Beginners should begin with the lowest subscription level. You can also pay $249 for lifetime access. The subscription will function on a paid basis until you reach your goal. This will continue until you cancel, alter your plan, or violate the terms. Note that after the account has been funded, no subscription is required.

At the time of this company evaluation, the Gauntlet mini commission rate was $2.00 per side. Don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team via live chat if you wish to modify the commissions.

Prop Firm Trader Funding

Earn2Trade allows you to open a trading account without relying too heavily on a broker. The program grants traders access to capital in exchange for a share of their profits. You can choose from various account kinds to be eligible for funding.

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