Where To Farm WoW WOTLK Classic: Adder’s Tongue?

Adder’s Tongue is one of the very useful herbs in the Herbalism profession of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic in World of Warcraft. It is also one of the most important herbs in several typical alchemy recipes, and the player can also grind it with the newly introduced Inscription profession.

Item: Adder’s Tongue
Stack: 20
Requires: Herbalism (400)
Primary Zones: Sholazar Basin

Players who want to get Adder’s Tongue better focus on Sholazar Basin, where is the only place we can collect this herb. If you have a good mount, then maybe the efficiency of farm Adder’s Tongue will be greatly improved. Since Sholazar’s terrain is much smoother than Icecrown and Storm Peaks, if you don’t have Cold Weather Flying, for example, you won’t be as overburdened with Lich Bloom.

Two Routes To Farm Adder’s Tongue

From the image above, following the orange route will allow you to farm WOTLK Classic Adder’s Tongue efficiently. After many players practice, this method obviously works. Because you can reach the end/start of the route when you respawn, making it less likely that other players will grab the node ahead of you and take Adder’s Tongue. Adder’s Tongue only respawns in about two and a half minutes, so taking the orange route will allow you to harvest the herb as quickly as possible.

You can also follow the grey route to explore Adder’s Tongue along the way if you want to hit all the nodes in the map. You can add it in when you feel that respawning following the orange route isn’t fast enough. Although the route is very long, it also gives the herbs plenty of time to respawn, so after you complete a lap, you can harvest Adder’s Tongues.

What is the use of Adder’s Tongue recipes?

Adder’s Tongue is an important part of many alchemical craft recipes. You can also check out the full WotLK Alchemy Guide at IGGM.com (the famous WOTLK Classic service). The most notable project here is Northrend Alchemy Research. You need to make sure to craft it every 3 days when its cooldown is ready. As an Alchemist player looking to get some recipes as soon as possible, you can take advantage of learning about Alchemy recipes before anyone else on the server and earn WOTLK Classic Gold.

Mill Adder’s Tongue With Inscription

Players with the Inscription profession can grind Viper’s Adder’s Tongue like most herbs to produce two pigments:

  • 1-4 Icy Pigment (50% Chance)
  • 2-4 Azure Pigment (100% Chance)

If players are still interested in learning more tips on how to play WoW WOTLK Classic well, you can also head over to IGGM.com to browse related news, where you’ll find helpful guides and a wealth of tips. Besides, you can also use many great deals to buy cheap WoW WOTLK Gold with 10-mins delivery and safest payments. That’s great! Check it now.

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