Why Chewing CBD Gummies is Better than Smoking Cigarette

Okay, before you quickly exit the page and vow never to return here again, let me first say that I have tried both CBD and cannabis and know what exactly I’m talking about. But while this is entirely my opinion and not meant to be a statement for the entire CBD community, I’m confident you will come to agree with me at the end of this piece.

I started smoking weed at the age of 16, and like many who started early, it seemed like the cool thing to do. Back then, it was part of the teenage dream in high school to want to belong to the big leagues. We hear it everywhere, in the music, and among those with a rap sheet at the local precinct either for possession or something related. And I just wasn’t going to let my first opportunity to try cannabis slip away. I can’t remember exactly how I felt, but I will never forget the scolding I received from my parents when they found a joint in my laundry clothes.

There is a lot to contend with if you smoke excessively, and for those looking for ways to quit, you could try CBD gummies to see how it goes.

Gummies is a Better Alternative for Reducing Cigarette Craving

I had been smoking cigarettes for more than 15 years before I stumbled on CBD. And all this while, I had to live with the guilty conscience that I was harming my health. You can’t deny this, as the labels on the cigarette packs say it all. “Smokers are liable to die young.’’ And to be frank, I got tired of trying all the addictive control approaches to stabilizing my health. I will try coffee to boost my heart and drink lemon juice and water each time I think I have smoked a lot.

But to cut a long story short, it wasn’t until my first experience with CBD oil that I knew that I wasn’t getting any benefit from smoking cigarettes. Of course, there was the nicotine kick, but it was nothing compared to the effect of the low THC that was present in the CBD oil. This was when I knew there was a problem. I may just become addicted to CBD. And this got me scared initially.

It wasn’t until I learned about the benefits of CBD and how it was low in THC, the supposed compound that caused a lot of headaches and euphoric feelings, that I avoided using cannabis. After weeks of searching for a reliable brand of CBD, I found one that also had them available in gummies. And that began the end of smoking for me. You can find more on this page https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cbd-oil-benefits about the benefits of CBD. 

How CBD Can Help Quit Smoking

I wasn’t sure exactly how it happened; I saw myself moving away gradually from tobacco and ordering more POTLUCK THC GUMMIES 200MG. And the good thing was that after chewing only about five out of the bottle of 60 gummy bears, I felt a lot relieved compared to when I smoked. I had to smoke two to three sticks to get me to relax and had to contend with the smoke in my lungs and the smell of cigarettes in the room or on my person. But all that is a thing of the past, as you can barely tell I had a few gummy bears infused with cannabis even if you sniff me out.

Also, they are spliced with different flavors that help to mask the cannabis taste leaving you with only the THC effect to savor at the end of the treatment. While I still take a stick of cigarette when hanging out with friends or just to get a feel of what I think I may be missing. I no longer spend much on cigarettes weekly.

Before, I spent more than $100 weekly on tobacco, and this is an average figure. There were days when I bought two packs, and I could spend more when hanging out with friends. But the best way I have profited from CBD POTLUCK THC GUMMIES is that I no longer have to worry much about how tobacco smoke affects my health. And this, for me, is the best feeling I can think of right now. Being hale and hearty. If you aren’t biased to these claims, you will agree that he has a good point and could be right about looking towards ways to improve personal health and wellness. 

How Chewing CBD Gummies Is Better than Tobacco Smoking

It will interest you to know that studies are being carried out to determine how CBD could benefit health and wellness. More recently, there have been testimonies from many people regarding how they have been able to quit their smoking addiction with the help of cannabis-infused products with low THC. And you can find below a quick summary of what many people have to say about this.

  • You get to enjoy the fresh burst of the breeze as your lungs are no longer filled with smoke which could hamper your respiration.
  • Your room, clothes, mouth, and car no longer have to smell of smoke, and you don’t have to worry about talking to a stranger without worrying about your breath.
  • You could save more at the end of the week if you used to spend much on tobacco before as your bottle of gummies could last a week if you use it alone.
  • Your lips and facial appearance will look better as you no longer have to contend with the harsh effect of smoking on the skin. This page sheds more light on the benefits of CBD for the skin. 
  • Get free from chesty cough and thick phlegmy sputum that could quickly break the silence in a crowded library, making you the center of not too good an attention.
  • Get a better relationship with your family, partner, and friends as you seldom get into arguments regarding your excessive smoking habits.

Final Note

There is a lot to contend with if you smoke excessively, and for those looking for ways to quit, you could try CBD gummies to see how it goes. It may also be a good thing to check with a therapist to discuss how best to quit tobacco addiction.

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