3 Ways To Find Quality Sellers as a Real Estate Professional

Lead generation and management is the cornerstone of real estate sales success at all levels. Whether you are a realtor seeking listings, a wholesaler, or even an investor looking to find off-market deals the competition doesn’t even know exist, it all comes down to the quality of your information and the relationships you cultivate with sellers.

Not all sellers are the same, though. Some are more motivated to sell than others. Even among the motivated sellers that intend to follow through, there are those that are easier to work with and those that are going to make it difficult to deliver on a deal. If you want to make money, you need to learn to quickly sort fortune-seekers and argumentative cases from the quality sellers who will work with you to make a deal that is great for everyone.

What Makes a ‘Quality’ Seller?

If high quality sellers are the ones that help you and work with you, then there are definitely some identifiable traits that will predict their behavior. It is not hard to see when someone wants to cooperate, but you also have to make sure communication is clear and expectations are realistic on all sides.

Working bulk leads with real estate wholesaling software allows you to move through large lists of leads to narrow down the results to quality sellers, but it does take work. As you establish communications, look for these traits from sellers and cut loose the ones that are disinterested or uncooperative.

  • Clear boundaries around the price point they need and forthright communication about them
  • Motivation to close the deal that is identifiable to you as the facilitator
  • A positive attitude about closing quickly
  • Outgoing communication styles
  • Openness about expectations
  • Fast with communication follow-through

The first item on the list might be the most important because it allows you to quickly identify people whose bottom-line price is simply not tenable. They are still quality sellers because they will find the right match eventually, but they are not going to be worth your time if the deal just won’t work. It’s important to appreciate people who can make that clear quickly and to identify those whose needs are within your price range.

Creating a Strong Clientele List

Managing a good list of motivated sellers is only half the battle. You need to cultivate the clientele necessary to close deals quickly. This is where an app that has full wholesale virtual assistant functionality is an essential investment. Not only does it assist with lead management, it also helps you with the professional networking needed to match sellers to buyers so you can manage both sides of your client roster.

There are a couple options with feature-rich interfaces and deep toolkits. What it often comes down to is not the range of tools available but the price structure and costs for particular professionals. That is why you should check out a comprehensive comparison of major players like this head-to-head Propstream vs. Batch Leads rundown. It will help you see where your best investment lies when you are shopping for real estate CRM apps.

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