5G Pvt N/W benefits with Mobile Network testing &Wifi/Wireless Site Survey Software

Private 5G networks are non-public mobile networks that not only require less power than their public counterpart but also offer more speed and security measures. Private 5G is a dedicated, independent private network that can use licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum. Deployed and managed on an organization’s site, private 5G networks are tailored to fit your specific needs – can enable real-time deterministic use cases (for IoT and edge computing) that were previously not possible with Wi-Fi due to lack of reliability, determinism, low latency, and high speed. Moreover, private 5G with a secure, reliable, low-latency, high-speed network has a huge potential to digitally transform organizations in several sectors such as industrial, healthcare, retail, smart cities, railways, transportation, ports, mining, and energy.

Private 5G is an alternative to Wi-Fi, along with public Long-Term Evolution (LTE) and public 5G and it can be beneficial for those places where coverage, speed, and security capabilities are needed maximum from Wi-Fi and other network technologies. There are mainly three benefits of private networks such as availability, reliability, and security.Another advantage of a private network is that you will have restricted access to certain sites, search platforms so that you can create a tightly secure network. For example, private network is generally used in schools and corporate offices to control what the users can access. So, now let us see what the benefits of 5G private network are along with Smart Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Smart Best wireless site survey software, site survey tools for wireless networks &Wifi site survey software app in detail.

Benefits of using 5G private network –

Increased Speed and Bandwidth: Compared to regular public 5G networks, Private 5G offers higher speeds and bandwidth, which means more devices can be connected. This will enable AR and VR applications, IoT, and Machine-to-Machine functionality along with video surveillance, drones, and remote maintenance. In addition, businesses can increasingly take advantage of technologies like Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

Greater Security and Customised Network: The best part of a private mobile network is providing connectivity only for authorised devices when deployed at one or more of the enterprise’s sites. Therefore, with private 5G, data is processed on-site by providing reduced security threats to the communications. To meet the specific needs of your business, a private 5G also provides customised network, thereby making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Low Latency: Private 5G network has ultra-low latencyhence, is suited for real-time mission-critical applications such as X-Ray machines, autonomous robotics, and vehicles. Due to ultra-low latency response times, private networks (5G) are much more predictable than public networks.

Increased Efficiency: Private 5G networks are more efficient, therefore they have a positive impact on energy efficiency and sustaining battery life. Increased performance on 5G can improve business performance and the safety of operations.

Improved Reliability: A private network 5G offers improved reliability which is essential for collecting accurate and timely data. Thus, a 5G private network can provide guaranteed coverage especially in remote areas (where public networks are not available) in both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the benefits above-mentioned, private 5G network provides better network coverage and capacity that will enable enterprises to get dedicated capacity and guaranteed coverage by deploying their own private networks; also offers high density and scalability that will ensure the private 5G network connection of up to a million devices per square kilometre within the enterprise premises over a single network.

Private 5G can provide these benefits in the following list of use cases:

    • Smart manufacturing
    • Healthcare delivery
    • Connected homes and cities
    • Logistics and warehousing
    • Education and universities


Are you interested in getting started with a private 5G network for your IoT project or industrial automation? If this is the case, you can go for private 5G/LTE as this network offers increased speed and bandwidth, lower latency, customization options, increased efficiency, and meets the specific needs of your business. As you jump into 5G, consider RantCell for network monitoring and measurement to deliver a premier 5G experience to your customers. RantCell is a SaaS-based software that can be used to provide RF measurement solutions both for indoor and outdoor coverages. You can install the RantCell app on any smartphone (Android or iOS) to measure the network performance of QoE data in every geo-location. Also, RantCell will provide post-analysis online web-based dashboard and reporting solutions based on tests in near real-time.

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