A spell to make him want me all the time

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We’d like to talk to you today about a very unusual spell which is known as a “spell to make him want me all the time”. Such spells impact sexual energies, changing the target’s sexual tastes and preferences. If cast successfully, it can make you feel sexually attracted to someone you’ve never even liked, someone who’s totally not your type. For example, men who prefer women with big breasts find themselves getting sexually aroused by the sight of a woman with very small breasts, or women who prefer tall, athletic, handsome men suddenly go crazy over a short chubby guy.

Toady we’ll tell you how to cast such spells, as well as when such spells shouldn’t be cast. Just remember that both, your crush and you will have their sexual energy changed by this spell. So it’s good if you start with adjusting your sexual chakra. However, before you do it, cleanse your energies for not less than three weeks. The best way to do it is to become vegetarian and stop eating canned food, sugar, spices, as well as stop drinking alcohol. Reduce the amount of salt you consume. Also meditate every morning to reach internal harmony and peace of mind. Stop feeling angry and anxious. Have at least one and a half hour daily walks and sleep not less than 7 hours a night.​

A spell to make him want me all the time

Like any other magic ritual, this spell, which is also referred to as a make someone dream of you spell, has some use restrictions. For example, it shouldn’t be put on:

  • Women after a difficult labor;
  • People with STDs or suffering from any urogenital disorders;
  • Frigid women;
  • Men suffering from sexual dysfunction;
  • People who have regular sex with the same partner who is not you;
  • Perverts;
  • People with mental disorders.

For this reason people familiar with magic never cast this spell themselves. They understand that they simply can’t answer many of the questions about the target’s sex life. Only professional magic practitioners can know the answers and know for sure if it’s okay to put this spell on a person or not.

Each of the above points has a special meaning. For example, this spell can make reproductive and urinary system disorders worse, while some of them can even become incurable. At the same time, it’s totally useless when put on women who can’t orgasm. If you put this spell on a guy who has a girlfriend and they have sex on a regular basis, the spell will boost the guy’s libido, yet his increased sexual desire will be satisfied through sex with his girlfriend and not you.

When it comes to this specific spell, it works best if you and the target are dating. In this case the spell improves your sex life and strengthens your relationship by making your partner physically more attached to you due to your partner’s constant desire to have sex with you. The key advantage of this spell is that you don’t need to have any special qualities. Whether or not you’re smart, good-looking, talented and funny, your partner will be aroused by you and won’t be able to resist you. You’ll be the only person who can satisfy your partner’s sexual needs. On top of that, your partner will never cheat on you because people under a make him want me spell don’t cheat.

Speaking of cheating, fidelity is quite extreme when it results from this kind of spell. Your partner will stop cheating, stop thinking about cheating, stop being interested in other sexual partners and possibly porn, too. Seeing another person’s naked body will become boring to your partner, unless it’s your body. You’ll get your partner turned on fast, giving him or her pleasure like no one ever did before, making your partner forget about all his or her ex-lovers.

This spell is very powerful because sex plays one of the most important roles in life. According to researchers, many people are willing to sacrifice their career, money and dreams for an opportunity to have an incredible sex. But remember that this spell stays effective only if you keep your partner on a sex diet, which means having sex no more than twice a week. Frequent sex is good too, but the key is to make your partner truly enjoy and appreciate every night you spend together. If you succeed, the spell will stay effective for as long as your partner is able to have sex (until your partner develops age-related sexual dysfunction).

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However, you should remember that all of the above statements are true, provided the spell is cast by a professional spellcaster. A spell to make him want me cast by a beginning magic practitioner won’t be as effective. In some cases it will be completely ineffective, because complex rituals can be performed successfully only by very talented and skilled magic professionals.

However, we’re not trying to talk you out of it. If you really want to cast this spell, go ahead and do it. Everything’s possible.

Step one: As we already said at the beginning of this article and in some other previous articles, you should start with fasting for at least three weeks, no breaks allowed. If you take a break, you’ll need to start over.

Step two: Get the following ingredients for your magical ritual:

  • 12 orange magic candles;
  • Nice lingerie;
  • New bedding set;
  • Incense;
  • Magical knife – not too sharp;
  • Silver mirror – mirror made of a polished silver plate;
  • Roses;
  • Picture of the person you’re in love with;
  • Silver flask with a tight cap;
  • Food-grade alcohol.

A spell to make him want me all the time

Make the bed with a new bedding set and light some incense. If you want, put some relaxing romantic music on.  In the evening when the moon is new and right before going to sleep, turn the light off in the bedroom, lock the door, cover yourself with a warm blanket, and imagine having sex with your crush. Put a picture of your loved one next to yourself. If you want, start masturbating until you start sweating but don’t orgasm. Move the blanket aside, light a candle, and collect some sweat using your magical knife. Remember that the knife shouldn’t be too sharp so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

Shake the sweat off on the mirror, then tear off several rose petals, put them on the mirror too, and start cutting them, mixing them with the sweat. Use the knife to transfer your mix of sweat and rose petals into the flask and add some alcohol (fill a seventh of the flask).

Note that this ritual lasts seven days. All this time you should fast and not drink any alcohol and not have sex. Once you break any of these rules, there is no point in continuing the ritual.

You should perform the above described procedure for seven days in a row until the flask is full. Now you have a love potion charged with your energy and each drop of it is going to have a very strong effect on your loved one. So use it with caution. Below are some instructions for applying this love potion:

Option 1: Come home to your loved one and apply a few of drops of your potion to the bed, curtains and carpets.

Option 2: Soak several handkerchiefs in your potion and hide them in the place where your loved one lives.

Option 3: Apply some potion to your body instead of perfume before you go out with your loved one. Don’t use any other fragrant skincare products, including deodorants, facial creams, body lotions, fragrant soaps, etc. Apply some love potion to your hands and touch your loved one so that some potion, along with some of your enhanced sexual energy, stays on his or her skin and clothes.

This ritual starts working almost immediately. So if there is almost no potion left but you see no progress in your sex life, there is no point in repeating the ritual. Instead of experimenting, contact a professional spellcaster who will make you the most desired lover for your partner. Let us remind you that professional magic practitioners can put such spells on men and women regardless of their sexual orientation.

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