Be an Eco-Champion by Always Remembering to Carry a Reusable Tote Bag with You

One of the biggest threats to our environment is single-use plastic bags, which take between 10 to 2000 years to break down. Eliminating plastic use will have a profound impact on marine birds and animals who die due to ingesting plastic bags. It would also greatly reduce the litter in our landscapes, streets, and waterways. Eventually, it will also prevent the presence of micro pieces of plastic in the food chain and in our water supplies that affect our health.

Having said that, opting for reusable bags is one simple and effective way to cut back on plastic waste and reduce pollution. 

Collect a variety of reusable bags

Getting into the habit of using reusable shopping totes is the best option and makes you an eco-champion. Buying reusable bags wholesale of different sizes, colors, and styles makes it easier for you to remember to carry them while going out shopping. The more bags you buy, the easier it is to stack them and take them out with you. 

Custom Earth Promos is one such eco-friendly company that specializes in selling reusable tote bags and that too customized ones. They are Florida-based in Delray beach, and their primary goal is to replace single-use plastic bags with custom, reusable bags so that people can promote their brand in a way that is cost-effective and also eco-conscious. They make varieties of products, from reusable water bottles to pens made from recycled materials to seed paper bookmarks and much more.

Remembering to carry reusable bags

Some steps can be followed to remind you about carrying your reusable tote bag every time you go out.

  • Put the bags in your car, handbags, nappy bags, pram, the basket of your bike.
  • Hang them on your front and back doorknob or next to where you keep your keys and grab them on your way out.
  • Make a designated sticky note or note card on top of your morning cup or lunch box as a reminder to grab one before leaving the house.
  • Set an alert on your phone when you make your shopping list and add “Bring Your Own Bag” (BYOB) to your e-shopping list in bold.
  • Support your local store or grocery by purchasing a reusable bag with their logo or message. You can gather old fabric snaps and make your own unique reusable tote bag that you can flaunt around.

If you forget

In case you forget to carry your bag, ask for a box or trolley and that you can take to your car. Unload the trolley items in the car and when you reach home, grab your bag to take things indoors.

If you have wanted to buy a cool reusable bag, do get it as it might be a push that you need to remember to use your reusable bags more often while going out. An individual carrying their reusable bag all the time with them could stop at least 365 plastic bags from destroying our landfills.

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