Best Action Xbox Series S Games

Does Xbox live games really enhance your gaming experience? If you are looking for some action, why not try these top games?

The Xbox series S has made its debut in 2017. This new generation of consoles offers a host of new features and innovations. Some of the biggest improvements include 4K Ultra HD resolution support, HDR10+ color gamut, and Dolby Atmos sound support.

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or you simply enjoy playing video best mobile casino games, there is always something out there that will suit your preferences. In this article, we will list someof the best Xbox Series S games that every Xbox owner should check out.

Best Action Xbox Series S Games

1. Death’s Door

Death’s Door: The Game can be easily described as a survival horror game with some puzzle elements such as light puzzles and platforming sections. Although it may seem simple on paper, Death’s Door: The Game packs quite a punch thanks to its creepy atmosphere, unique characters, and tense soundtrack.

2. Gears 5

If you have played any Gears of War game before, then you know what this title is all about. Just like previous installments, Gears 5 is an intense first-person shooter in which players take on the role of Marcus Fenix. Players will traverse through lush landscapes as they search for Serperior.

3. Halo Infinite

With over 25 years’ worth of stories behind the Halo universe, fans of the sci-fi franchise were more than excited to learn about Bungie’s latest addition to the story – Halo Infinite. Set right after the events of Halo 5, Halo Infinite follows Master Chief as he tries to bring down the Covenant once again.

4. Sea of Thieves

In early December, Rare released the latest entry in their long-running pirate-themed adventure series – Sea of Thieves. Following the footsteps of other titles, Sea of Thieves allows players to team up with others online as they attempt to plunder valuable treasure from uncharted lands. As expected, this popular title offers plenty of challenges, amazing graphics, and a fun francaisonlinecasinos casino gameplay experience.

5. State of Decay 2

This year, Undead Labs brings us another zombie survival game, State of Decay 2. The first State of Decay allowed players to choose one of six different main character types. This time around, however, players get to pick between four different protagonists who face off against hordes of zombies while uncovering the reasons why the world is overrun by monsters.

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