Detroit Lions a double-digit favorite over Browns on Sunday Game

There has no doubt that the Detroit Lions have been an average NFL team this year. What will be the next game against Cleveland on Sunday? Maybe something out of the ordinary is going to happen.

The Lions’ are double-digit favorites in their Sunday game against the Cleveland Browns — it happens for the third time since the turn of the century.

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The Detroit’s had won 21-6 in Week 2 of the 1996 season when Detroit was a 12-point favorite against Buccaneers, then coached by future Jim Caldwell mentor Tony Dungy. Thereafter, once again it’s the biggest line for a Lions game on this Sunday.

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Moreover, Jim Caldwell, who is the head coach of the Lions, doesn’t think his team being a big favorite as expected.

“If they’re anything like I am they don’t pay any attention to it because it means really nothing. And what we have to do is just make certain that we’re continuing to get better,” Caldwell said. “That’s the key because they are tough. These guys have as many good players as anybody that we’ll face, and they certainly are capable and that’s what we have to make certain that we’re prepared for.”

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The coach added, “They’re going to be in an intense bunch that’s hungry. And we have to certainly have the same kind of attitude.”

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Matthew Stafford’s team were double-digit favorites in the playoffs both years and won both games straight up.

Lions’ biggest win as a double-digit favorite happened in 1995 beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, 44-0 with 13.5 spreads. In 1996, Detroit had faced the biggest loss as a double-digit favorite against the Giants.

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The 4-4 Lions looked very good against the spread of this season.

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