How much alcohol can you drink while pregnant?

There is no safe way that you can drink while pregnant. Alcohol is just a drink not more important than your womb partner’s health. It’s ok if you drink alcohol and enjoy long night’s parties before getting pregnant. Now, you’re not alone; one little life is growing inside your womb; how could you comprise on its health. It’s proven over decades that drinking alcohol in an excessive amount can cause long-term and irreversible health issues in your infant. Whether consuming lower to moderate amounts of alcohol while pregnant is ok or not is under discussion. Let’s discuss!

Drinking alcohol while pregnant

The best and safest option is to say goodbye to alcohol for nine months and then resume it. The doctors agreed and advised their patients not to have any alcohol in any amount if they were pregnant or struggling to conceive. You know alcohol is also a member of teratogen that cause physical or functional disabilities in the growing fetus.

Many doctors educate women to be aware of the risks associated with consuming alcohol while pregnant; then, they’re free to decide to quit alcohol or occasionally drink. But many moms choose to consume alcoholic beverages, sometimes in small amounts. According to the CDC report, approximately 1 out of 8 pregnant females drink an alcoholic beverage in the U.S.

But some doctors consider having one drink per week is less likely to affect the baby. And some women think consuming any alcohol in the first trimester is not a big issue. It’s wrong; my online research shows that a baby’s organ develops in the first trimester. Your fetus cells exposed to alcohol may interpret or damage the baby’s organs. It may benefit you and your baby; if you abstain from alcohol throughout pregnancy.

Methyl-Life recommends using prenatal supplements during pregnancy instead of drinking alcohol, if you’re worried for the health of your baby. Sometimes it can be difficult for women to be able to afford health supplements during pregnancy especially when they are not able to work and generate an income. Not to worry, there are tons of vitamin affiliate programs that you can take advantage of. These affiliate programs will not only give you discounted supplements for personal use but also generate passive income for you.

How much alcohol can you drink while pregnant?

Alcohol is not safe in any amount during pregnancy. However, if you decide to enjoy occasionally one glass of alcoholic beverage, then you know one drink can be defined as;

  • 5 – oz of distilled spirit
  • 5 – oz of wine
  • 12 – oz of beer

Risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy

Alcoholic consumption is not a good and safe decision during pregnancy. Alcohol passes to the baby via your breast milk; the baby’s liver can’t convert it into less toxic forms resulting in it staying in the baby’s body for longer and damaging the baby’s organs. If you consume a high level of alcohol throughout pregnancy, you may deliver a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome disorders (FASDs).

In 2021, two studies were conducted; their results showed that intake of alcohol during pregnancy could lead to adverse pregnancy and fetal neurodevelopment outcomes. However, researchers find out the potential risks associated with alcohol consumption while pregnant.

  • Birth defects; are the outcomes of heavy alcoholic consumption in pregnancy. And a baby is born with small head size, shorter height, low body weight, and abnormal changes in facial features.
  • Premature birth & fetal growth retardation; when a fetus is exposed to alcohol throughout pregnancy; it may has smaller placenta with improper blood vessels and irregular molecular functions.
  • Slow learner; Babies born with FASDs are slow learners and have poor school performance. Babies may also experience language delays, poor communication, learning disabilities, and poor reasoning & judgment skills.
  • Miscarriage; Increases the chances of miscarriage; if you intake alcohol in the first trimester or early pregnancy. It’s the best bet to avoid alcohol when you are trying for conception.

I hope you understand how risky consuming alcohol in pregnancy is for you and your baby. Therefore, your drink should replace pregnancy-safe drinks like Apple cider, Mocktails, etc.


Alcohol consumption is not considered safe, even in low amounts throughout pregnancy. If expecting females enjoy unlimited drinks, there’s more likely their babies will get FASDs. So, it’s a good idea to prohibit alcohol during pregnancy.

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