If you kill a defenseless dragon at the Elden Ring Rune Farm you will receive an additional 80K runes as a reward

It is necessary to farm Elden Ring Elden Ring items in order for a Tarnished character to progress from a mediocre boss-slaying operative to a champion in order for him or her to progress from mediocre boss-slaying operative to champion. There are a number of viable locations to do so as soon as you enter the Lands Between. On this site, we’ve already covered a number of excellent early black flame build elden ring farming locations, but the best of them is arguably so good that we’re concerned Elden Ring Talisman for sale will be patched out in the not-too-distant future. Don’t forget to bring your most impressive sword, staff, or axe with you when you travel to Fort Faroth, where you will be slaying a very generous dragon. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to obtain 80,000 Runes in a single sitting by employing a dubious method.

Elden is a fictional character created by author Elden Schwartz for the film Elden, in which he plays a supporting role. The ring  farm at Fortress Faroth is the residence of the dragon of the same name.

In a From Software game, Elden Ring Gear Sets appears that everyone and everything is out to get you the majority of the time. Some human NPCs are friendly (or at least appear to be friendly), but if it has the appearance of a beast, it will more than likely kill you if you get too close. The dragon of Fort Faroth, on the other hand, is a formidable adversary who does not play by the rules of the game. When you get close to the apparent mother dragon, she is surrounded by her young children. You will be surprised at how little resistance she gives when you attempt to kill her, considering her advanced age.

Because she will not respawn after you have rested at a Site of Grace, unlike most other enemies, you will receive 80,000 Runes as a reward for defeating her and completing the quest. The fact that you can earn a bounty of 80,000 blackflame build elden ring at any point in the game is incredible, but Elden Ring Dragon Knight is especially large in the early stages of the game. There are a number of different character levels for which this is appropriate to use. In addition, if you choose not to harm or kill the mother dragon and instead concentrate on her offspring, each of them will reward you with 3,500 Runes and will respawn after resting at one of the Sites of Grace in the game. They will, on the other hand, cease reproducing if you kill their mother before they have the opportunity to reproduce.

With this configuration, you have a choice between two alternatives:

  • In order to earn 80,000 Runes, you must only kill the mother dragon one time
  • It is necessary to farm the babies on a regular basis in order to earn 3,500 Runes per dragon raised

Leaving these creatures alone is an acceptable third option; after all, they haven’t done anything wrong. Taking into consideration that you’ve made buy Elden Ring runes this far, I’ll go ahead and assume that you’re hell-bent on destroying the group in some manner, shape, or form. If this simple Rune farm has not been tampered with, it is possible that killing this dragon will alter or even prematurely end a questline that players have not yet discovered. So you should only attempt to slay dragons at your own risk, and you should be prepared to face far more serious repercussions than simply being perceived as morally void.

The most efficient method of traveling to Fort Faroth from any location on the planet
You’ve come to the conclusion that assassinating Dragon Mommy is the best course of action. Prior to beginning the game, you’ll need to travel to Caelid, which is located east of Limgrave, the game’s starting point. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll need to complete the tasks listed below. The road that connects Summonwater Village and Fort Faroth passes through the following towns and villages on its way to its destination:

Following a path that begins in the northeast and travels east through the south-east to the Caelum Ruins, then south to the Caelid Waypoint Ruins, and finally east to the Sellia Gateway. The route comes to an end at Smoldering Church, which is located in the northeast.

Located in the northeastern region of the country, Fort Faroth is a fortification
It is relatively easy to stay on track even when the adversaries aren’t particularly helpful because this path primarily follows a well-defined road for the most part. For those who don’t want to bother with the trekking, you can also use a teleporter, which can be found a short distance northeast of the Third Church of Marika if you don’t want to deal with it. When walking through Caelid, blue markers indicate the on-foot path you should take, while red markers indicate where you should start (on the left) and where you should end (on the right). After that, you should take the shorter, more secure path south to the dragons’ location outside of Fort Faroth (purple), which is also marked by a time-travel teleporter for your convenience.

The method by which you arrive at your destination is irrelevant if you choose to spare the mother and repeatedly target the offspring:A Site of Grace is conveniently located directly outside the fort, making Elden Ring Intelligence Strength Build simple and convenient to reset one’s navigational devices.

Finally defeating the dragon and walking away with an incredible amount of Runes (80,000) is a possibility. It will only be a matter of getting there because she appears to be uninterested in defending herself; however, keep in mind that if you choose to go after the smaller dragons, they will be a difficult fight for a low-level player to win.

Before embarking on this dragon-slaying expedition, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. What should you do if a dragon has an unavoidable impact on a questline later on, but you want to keep it for the time being in your inventory? If so, does your entire strategy revolve around tracking down and defeating small dragons, presuming you have confidence in your ability to do so over and over again? So, you’re looking to get your 80,000 Runes as soon as possible before this potentially bugged encounter is permanently removed from the game for all eternity. While the moral ramifications may only have an impact on a small number of participants, more tangible, but as of yet unobserved, consequences are likely to follow in the not-too distant future. In this situation, you, Rune farmer, are in complete command!

Check out our Elden Ring Elden Ring Frost Mage build farming guide for some inspiration if you’re looking for more Elden Ring runes for sale farming opportunities that won’t put your family in danger.


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