Ridiculous Myths about Marijuana

Assuming the world of cannabis has taught us anything, many individuals have confused about it. 

Who knew that growing a plant could also cultivate a horde of myths and queries about cannabis? 

Cannabis is both worshipped and rebuked by the world, and a great deal of smoke is being blown. The following are ten stupid myths about cannabis we will expose for you.

Cannabis Is Addictive:

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The following statement is a warning. Any substance can be habit-forming if used to hinder health and life.

Cannabis can be addictive, yet it is anything but an experienced addiction. 

While cannabis, according to the laws and legislatures in the United States, is viewed as a Schedule 1 drug. Cannabis is, in general, not staggeringly addicting. 

Anyone can be addicted to weed if they use it in abundance and routinely, as it can cause a dopamine reaction. 

And, as per a recent study, one out of eleven people get addicted to marijuana. It indicates that the probability is pretty low.

Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

This one is of the most popular weed-related myths. 

Weed might disable transient memory in certain people after long term use, but no evidence suggests that they damage the brain cells. 

Cannabis is Suitable for Driving

Cannabis might hinder your skills to make decisions, reflexes, and decisions needed to drive correctly. 

This incomprehensibly increases the danger you have of harming others and yourself. Cannabis use is displayed to double the threat of an accident potentially.

Weed Isn’tIsn’t As Potent as It Used to Be

False. With new-age tech that allows the growers to smooth out the cannabis process, THC is relatively higher, and the effect is rather complex.

As per research, it has been proven that potency has increased a lot more than earlier.

Cannabis is Safe for Kids

In no way, shape or form. Cannabis, alcohol, and tobacco consumption might cause hindered cognitive growth in kids and teens as their minds develop. 

Weed causes a lower IQ in kids and teens. 

You Can Die from Overdose from Marijuana

No one has ever passed due to a marijuana overdose. You hear glut stories from different drugs because their depressive qualities, similar to fentanyl, heroin, opium, and so on, cause breathlessness. 

Alcohol overdose can also be a reason for death but never cannabis. The max it does is make one feel lazy and sleepy.

Cannabis Is Harmless

While pot has many benefits and hazards, the smoke from cannabis is as dangerous as the one released from cigarettes. 

It is a threat to the cardiovascular and bronchial systems of the body, causing breathlessness and other issues. Weed also is the reason for anxiety and paranoia.

Cannabis Causes Crime

If that was the case, everyone who smoked pot would be rotting in jail. Cannabis doesn’t cause crimes. 

Smoking pots in some places might be illegal, and that’s about it is.

Cannabis Makes You Lethargic

Cannabis doesn’t make you lazy always. Numerous athletes, artists, and people with active lifestyles smoke pot, including Sativa or CBD. 

Certain strains lead to a creative high, and others can cause the scandalous “couchlock” where all you do is chill/ laze around. 

Every strain has a different effect on the body.

Weed is a Gateway Drug

False. Though people say that all it takes is a drag, we entirely disagree. Taking a drag might not force someone to become friends with drug lords. Let us be reasonable.

With that, we have come to an end of our article, and we hope we helped in bursting the bubble. 


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