Techniques to hit the ball That will help protect the loss in online football betting

Football betting is a type of investment, and in every investment, there is always a risk involved. It is widespread and widespread for investors that players lose some or lose some from football betting. All players must pay attention to the problem is not how to play to get the most profit. But how to make a loss for yourself that remains as profitable as possible This is a trick that makes football betting on each successful in the present itself.

Protect your losses by making 2x profits throughout your bet. Invest in football betting each time The profit and loss ratio of the Player is 1 to 1 times, which is the rule between the gambler and the gambling website (เว็บแทงบอล) itself. All gambling websites, whether in the country or abroad, all use this ratio as the basis for paying players. But in this technique, you make the ratio here be changed to 1 to 2 times, which always makes the Player gain more than twice the loss. until making himself an advantage in investment.

  • The risks players will incur with football bets. Usually, playing in a single ball or favorite ball mode is about 50 percent of the investment. If the payout is only 1 to 1, then the Player has no chance of profit from betting.
  • Therefore, in every competition, Players need to increase the bet two times more than before. It can make two times more profit.
  • A simple way to add water in every match that a player loses. Have the Player double their stake from the stake they have spent in the previous betting game. Used the first time, used the money to bet 100 baht and lost, in the second eye, 200 baht like this.
  • That’s when the Player wins. If the Player loses several games in a row, It is necessary to increase the money by two times. It is recommended to prepare the money to invest in about thousands is better. To support multiple consecutive defeats of the players.

This technique not only will it close the Player’s chances of losing almost 100%, but it will also increase his chances of making more profits. From the beginning, it may only make a profit of only 200-300 baht per day. Find and use this formula and skill in betting that may make a profit of more than 1000 baht per day at all.

Know the Golden Ratio That makes the Player no longer lose at all.

Section 2 is quite similar to the first section. But there are different ways to use it, suitable for low-budget people who do not have money to invest in football betting (แทงบอล) thousands. But there is an exchange that the investment period must be more than before. The Golden Ratio is always the one that makes the player profit more than the loss. Where players don’t have to win more matches, Just make your bets to be more systematic.

  • You will set your own goals for playing each day by choosing an achievable goal corresponding to the Player’s current investment. For example, if a player has money to invest in the total amount of 500 baht, the Player should choose a profit that does not exceed 500 baht, making a profit of 300 baht per time.
  • Once there is a profit, there will always be a loss. As they said, the profit and loss amount should essentially be a 2x minimum difference in our daily investment. Must accept losses for not more than 150 baht.
  • It is equal that every day that you are successful, you will be able to make a profit of up to 300 baht, and if on the day you lose and lose in that bet, you will lose only 150 baht per day, making a profit. Our one-day trading has a main entry fee with a loss of up to 3 days, which becomes an investment advantage.

The Golden Ratio is very important. And every football gambler should learn about the golden ratio here. By trying not to play and then accidentally switch. For example, making a profit of 150 baht per day but losing 300 baht per day will help the Player lose more than making a profit. It may be more difficult, but you have to try to achieve it to make a stable profit in football betting.

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