The entertaining Kirin Cup

Japan is a country that absolutely loves football. It is possible to visit 1xBet bookmaker – Pakistan betting sites offer wagering on all competitions being played in that part of the world.

Many different football competitions are organized in Japan. A very famous business from the country is the Kirin Brewery Company, and since 1978, they have organized a football competition of their own. In its most recent format, three national squads are invited to play the competition, which is also joined by the Japanese national team. The 1xBet Pakistan bookmaker is a great betting site that can be used for wagering whenever this competition is played.

These four teams are organized in a bracket that starts in a semi-final. The winners face each other in the final, while the losers do the same in the third-place contest.

Many different formats and teams

As said before, during recent editions of the Kirin Cup, the competition is played by national teams from a semi-final. However, it has had lots of formats in its history. While waiting for the next edition of the Kirin Cup, you can visit the and try its excellent games.

Among those different formats, the competition has been played in a round-robin of three, four and even six teams. Also, on some occasions, senior national teams have participated. On other editions, a mixture of national squads and domestic teams from all over the world have played. There have even been editions where only U-24 national teams have been invited. For this reason, it is fair to expect that the Kirin Cup will change format again in the near future. The games of the 1xBet casino can be played before the next Kirin Cup begins.

Lots of champions

The Kirin Cup has had lots of champions during its more than forty editions. By far, the team that has won the largest number of trophies is the Japanese national football team. This also shows how dynamic and difficult the Japanese can be when facing other national squads. Punters can visit the website at any moment in order to make all kinds of wagers on the Japanese national side.

Besides Japan, other squads who have won the competition include:

  • Peru;
  • the Czech Republic;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Hungary;
  • and France.

This competition can be quite attractive. This is because the Japanese national squad takes it as a serious opportunity to prepare itself for various major competitions. Also, other squads have the chance to face teams that they don’t play against every day. The 1xBet website can be used for wagering on the best national football teams from all over the world.

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