The most famous cricket players

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, as well as several other Commonwealth countries. For this reason, each national league receives maximum attention from the local press, which allows bettors to get a detailed idea of ​​​​the state of the teams before placing a bet. In addition to the current state of health of the players, it is also necessary to take into account their level of training, motivation, and the results of head-to-head matches. This allows you to place bets on the site and hit the jackpot with a high probability. A reliable bookmaker guarantees the prompt payment of each win, which you should use.

Muttiya Muralitaran

If we talk about the most famous athletes who play cricket, then this list almost certainly includes Muttiya Muralitaran. This bowler is a player from Sri Lanka and remains the greatest challenger to face during Test matches. He is the owner of several world records at once, which have not been surpassed to this day. Muttiya not only plays in test tournaments but also takes part in ODI matches. During his career, he managed to take about 800 wickets in Test tournaments and 534 wickets in ODIs. His main achievement is a series of 4 matches in a row in which he took 10 wickets. Every country that plays in Test matches has received at least 50 wickets from this player to their account, which is also a serious achievement that is unlikely to be improved in the coming years.

Chris Gale

He is one of the most outstanding West Indies players of all time. He managed to score 205 points against the Australian team during the semi-final stage of the ICC T20 Championship. It is he who holds the title of the player with the highest performance in the tournament. It also resulted in two triple centuries in the test tournament:

  • 317 against South Africa;
  • 333 against Sri Lanka.

The player also performs well in the T20 International tournament, which allowed him to score more than a hundred points under this regulation.

Wasim Akram

If we talk about the most famous players from Pakistan, then such is Wasim Akram, who received the title of “King of Swing”. He has a huge army of fans who admire the speed of his delivery. Akram is the fastest bowler in ODI. The cricketer managed to collect 500 wickets under the ODI regulations for the first time on the planet. He showed his outstanding result during the 2003 tournament in South Africa, and the year before he earned the official title of “Best ODI Bowler of All Time”. The player has 17 titles of the best bowler at once in the match of test tournaments. 22 similar titles brought him ODI tournaments.

Shoaib Akhtar

The name of this player is well known to fans who have been following cricket or betting on sports for years. Shoaib Akhtar performs successfully both during home matches of his national team and during away meetings. Among the outstanding achievements of the athlete, eight wickets should be noted, which he was able to win in 1999 during a test match. It was he who managed to defeat such famous rivals as Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar.

Bookmakers offer a lot of interesting matches every day, which cricket fans should take advantage of. Many of the games are available in live mode, so bettors can also follow the meetings of the national teams as part of free broadcasts. Making the hobby profitable is easy if you choose a reliable bookmaker.

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